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Old Testament in Greek LXX
(Greek OT)  ὁ λέγων Κύρῳ φρονεῖν, καὶ Πάντα τὰ θελήματά μου ποιήσει· ὁ λέγων Ιερουσαλημ Οἰκοδομηθήσῃ, καὶ τὸν οἶκον τὸν ἅγιόν μου θεμελιώσω .
(*Greek OT+)  ο G3588 T-NSM λεγων G3004 V-PAPNS κυρωN-DSM φρονειν G5426 V-PAN και G2532 CONJ παντα G3956 A-APN τα G3588 T-APN θεληματα G2307 N-APN μου G1473 P-GS ποιησει G4160 V-FAI-3S ο G3588 T-NSM λεγων G3004 V-PAPNS ιερουσαλημ G2419 N-PRI οικοδομηθηση G3618 V-FPI-2S και G2532 CONJ τον G3588 T-ASM οικον G3624 N-ASM τον G3588 T-ASM αγιον G40 A-ASM μου G1473 P-GS θεμελιωσω G2311 V-FAI-1S

Hebrew Old Testament (Tanach)
(Hebrew OT)  האמר לכורשׁ רעי וכל־חפצי ישׁלם ולאמר לירושׁלם תבנה והיכל תוסד׃
(*Hebrew OT+)  האמר H559 לכורשׁ H3566 רעי H7473 וכל H3605 חפצי H2656 ישׁלם H7999 ולאמר H559 לירושׁלם H3389 תבנה H1129 והיכל H1964 תוסד׃ H3245

King James Version This is the 1769
(KJV)  That saith of Cyrus, He is my shepherd, and shall perform all my pleasure: even saying to Jerusalem, Thou shalt be built; and to the temple, Thy foundation shall be laid .
(KJV+)  That saith H559 of Cyrus, H3566 He is my shepherd, H7462 and shall perform H7999 all H3605 my pleasure: H2656 even saying H559 to Jerusalem, H3389 Thou shalt be built; H1129 and to the temple, H1964 Thy foundation shall be laid . H3245
(YLT)  Who is saying of Cyrus, My shepherd, And all my delight He doth perfect, So as to say of Jerusalem, Thou art built, And of the temple, Thou art founded .

Latin Vulgate Jerome's Latin Vulgate This is the 409
(Latin)  qui dico Cyro pastor meus es et omnem voluntatem meam conplebis qui dico Hierusalem aedificaberis et templo fundaberis

Portuguese João Ferreira de Almeida Atualizada Published in 1877
(Portuguese JFAA)  que digo de Ciro: Ele é meu pastor e cumprirá tudo o que me apraz; que digo também de Jerusalém: Será edificada; e do templo: Será fundado .
(*Portuguese JFAC)  quem diz de Ciro: É meu pastor e cumprirá tudo o que me apraz; dizendo também a Jerusalém: Sê edificada; e ao templo: Funda-te .
(NVI)  que diz acerca de Ciro: ‘Ele é meu pastor, e realizará tudo o que me agrada; ele dirá acerca de Jerusalém: "Seja reconstruída", e do templo: "Sejam lançados os seus alicerces" ’.

Spanish Reina-Valera Published in 1909
(Spanish RV)  Que dice de Ciro: Es mi pastor, y cumplirá todo lo que yo quiero, en diciendo á Jerusalem, Serás edificada; y al templo: Serás fundado .
(*Spanish RV+)  Que dice H559 de CiroH3566: Es mi pastor, y cumplirá H7999 todo H3605 lo que yo quiero H2656, en diciendo á Jerusalem H3389, Serás edificadaH1129; y al temploH1964: Serás fundado H3245 .(*
Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge
by Canne, Browne, Blayney, Scott, and others, with introduction by R. A. Torrey. Published in 1834;

Cyrus: Isa_42:15, Isa_45:1, Isa_45:3, Isa_46:11, Isa_48:14-15; Dan_10:1
my shepherd: Isa_63:11; Psa_78:71-72
saying: Isa_45:13; 2Ch_36:22-23; Ezr_1:1-3, Ezr_6:3-18
The Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges

The series of predicates here culminates in the mention by name of the conqueror of Babylon and liberator of Israel. The name Cyrus is in Persian Kûrush, in Babylonian Kurash, in Greek Κῦρος. The traditional Hebrew pronunciation is Kτresh, but it is probable that the original form preserved the characteristic long u which appears in the other languages. On the career of Cyrus see Introduction, pp. 17 ff.
He is my shepherd] Or simply, My Shepherd. “Shepherd” here means “ruler” as in Jer_3:15; Ezekiel 34. pass.; Mic_5:5 : comp. the Homeric ποιμένες λαῶν. It is one of the honorific titles alluded to in ch. Isa_45:4.
perform all my pleasure] Or, complete all my purpose; cf. ch. Isa_46:10, Isa_48:14, Isa_53:10. This use of the Heb. word for “pleasure” illustrates the transition to its later sense of “business” (ch. Isa_58:3; Isa_58:13) or “matter” (Ecc_5:8; Ecc_8:6). Comp. Arab. shay’ (= thing) from shβ’a (to will).
even saying] If the text be right the meaning would probably be that Cyrus would accomplish Jehovah’s purpose by giving the order for the rebuilding of the Temple &c. LXX. and Vulg. read “that saith,” substituting a participle for the inf. of the Heb. In this case the subject is Jehovah, as throughout the passage.
Instead of to Jerusalem, Thou shalt be …, the Heb. has of Jerusalem, Let her be.… See on Isa_44:26.
According to Josephus (Ant. XI. Isa_1:2) it was the reading of this verse that fired Cyrus with the ambition to restore the Jewish Temple and nationality. The statement, if true, would of course detract nothing from the significance of the prophecy. But it has no claim to be accepted, and would assuredly never have been made but for the assumption that the words were written by Isaiah “one hundred and forty years before the destruction of the Temple.”
Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary
A Commentary, Critical and Explanatory, on the Old and New Testaments. Published in 1871;

Isaiah 44:28
my shepherd — type of Messiah (Isa_40:11; Psa_23:1; Psa_77:20; Eze_34:23).
all my pleasure — so Messiah (Isa_42:1; Isa_53:10). This is the first time Cyrus is named expressly; and that, a hundred fifty years before the time when in 550 b.c. he began his reign. The name comes from the Persian khorschid, “the sun”; kings often taking their names from the gods; the sun was worshipped as a god in Persia.
saying — rather, “and that saith”; construed with God, not with Cyrus. God’s word is instantaneously efficient in accomplishing His will.
to ... to — or, “of Jerusalem ... of the temple,” as previously, the same Hebrew word is translated, “of Cyrus” [Barnes]. English Version is more graphic. Cyrus, according to Josephus, heard of this prophecy of Isaiah delivered so long before; hence he was induced to do that which was so contrary to Oriental policy, to aid in restoring the captive Jews and rebuilding their temple and city.

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