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4.2.4. Demonstration of the trend
The angels had warned Eva to be careful not to leave her husband while they were busy with their daily work in the garden; ", "She made her first mistake by leaving her husband,", " Realizing that she was alone, she felt an apprehension of danger, but she chased away her fears, concluding that she had enough wisdom and strength to discern evil and resist it. "
We see here that Eva " felt an apprehension of danger " and " chased away her fears ", and " concluding that she had enough wisdom and strength to discern evil and resist it ",the angels, higher in nature, since their wisdom was a sufficient guide. They were not beings who could dishonor God; ", see that Eve had not met with Satan, but the thoughts became similar, this occurring before eating the fruit, this thought came out of a being that was similar to what was God's " sinless reproduction of His own Person . " we say that Eva's tendency to be alone and to be alerted" she felt an apprehension of danger "was to" chase away her fears "and conclude" that she had enough wisdom and strength to discern evil and resist it ".
Before eating the fruit Eva said "From the fruit of the trees in the garden we will eat, but from the fruit of the tree that is in the middle of the garden, God said: You shall not eat of it, nor touch it , lest you die.", "Eve exaggerated the words of God's order ", here we can have the breach of the ninth commandment" Any intentional exaggeration, any suggestion or innuendo calculated to convey an erroneous or disproportionate impression, even the statement of facts made in such a way as to deceive, is false . (3)", if the exaggeration was intentional, Eva sinned here, that is, if Eva's intention was to intentionally magnify the malignancy of the fruit she sinned. If Eva didn't sin in the previous option in this" Eva thought that the serpent's speech was very wise, and that God's prohibition was unfair. "She broke the first commandment." Whatever we caress that tends to diminish our love for God, or is incompatible with the worship of Him because of it, we make a god out of it. (1) "we see that Eve considered" that the prohibition of God was unjust ", placing the serpent above God" the speech of the serpent was very wise "and" Descended from the words of God ".
We see that" The serpent was eating- those with evident delight.Eva now wanted this fruit more than all the varieties that God had put him within reach , with full rights of usage. "Ie a being that was similar to what was God's " Play without sin of His own Person. " Wished the fruit, therefore breaking the tenth commandment "The tenth commandment strikes at the very root of all sins, forbidding the selfish desire, from which the sinful act is born. (2) "

4.2.5. Adam
An expression of sadness came over Adam's face. He was astonished and alarmed. Eva's words replied that this must be the adversary against whom they had been warned; and by divine sentence she was to die. In response he insisted with him to eat, repeating the serpent's words, that they certainly would not die. She reasoned that this must be true, since she felt no evidence of God's displeasure, but on the contrary she experienced a delightful, joyful influence, making the whole faculty of a new life tremble, such an influence, she imagined, as the one she inspired the heavenly messengers.
Adam realized that his companion had transgressed God's order, disrespected the only prohibition imposed on them as proof of their faithfulness and love. He had a terrible intimate struggle. He was sorry that he had allowed Eva to stray from his side. Now, however, the action was done; he must separate himself from the one whose company had been his joy. How could I bear this? Adam had enjoyed the company of God and the holy angels. He had looked at the glory of the Creator. He understood the high destiny manifest to the human race, if they remained faithful to God. However, these blessings were all lost sight of for fear of losing that one gift, which, in his eyes, surpassed all others. Love, gratitude, loyalty to the Creator, were all supplanted by love for Eve.She was a part of him, and he couldn't stand the thought of separation. He did not understand that the same infinite Power that had created him out of the dust of the earth, as a living and beautiful being, and had lovingly given him a companion, could fill her lack. He decided to share his luck; if she was to die, he would die with her. After all, he reasoned, couldn't the words of the wise serpent be true? Eva was before him, so beautiful, and apparently as innocent as before this act of disobedience. It expressed greater love for him than before. No sign of death appeared on her, and he decided to face the consequences. He took the fruit, and ate it quickly.
Taken from Patriarchs and Prophets 56 and 57

4.2.6. Demonstration of trend
Before eating the fruit, Adam's feeling was " Love, gratitude, loyalty to the Creator, everything was supplanted by love towards Eve ", and "he reasoned, couldn't the words of the wise serpent be true? ", here again we have the breaking of the first commandment " Whatever we caress that tends to diminish our love for God, or is incompatible with the worship of Him due, we make a god of it. (1) ", note the thoughts of Adam are similar to any human being today, and your decisions before eating the fruit are also similar to humans.

4.2.7. Conclusion
Every being with or without sin,


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