Questions and Answers on Vegetarianism

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1) What do vegetarians eat?
Contrary to what most people think, vegetarian food is much richer and more diverse. In addition to fruits, vegetables, and grains in general, there are several delicious and simple recipes to make. Soy protein, for example, can be used in many different ways, with sauces, with vegetables, in the form of dumplings, fillings for pies, etc ... Just use your creativity.

2) it is true that there is a lack of protein in the vegetarian diet
It is not true that vegetarians do not consume enough protein, but that they do not consume excess protein. Most people who eat meat are actually eating more protein than necessary.
A vegetarian diet can easily supply the amount of daily protein that a person needs, without offering any types of health risks.

3) But vegetarians are not pale and weak at
all. A well-done vegetarian diet meets all of a person's iron needs. it is true that the iron contained in meat is more easily absorbed than in other foods, but a vegetarian diet rich in vitamin C (fruit) normally allows for an even greater absorption of iron than in meat-based diets.

4) But, where can I get vegetarian food?

Fresh fruits and vegetables are easily obtained in general trade. Other sources are wholesalers and vegetarian stores and even large supermarkets. In addition, nowadays it is more and more common to find vegetarian restaurants.

5) And isn't it more expensive to maintain a vegetarian diet?

On the contrary . Fruits, vegetables and legumes are found at affordable prices at any fair or market.
As for soy protein, which is the main meat substitute, it can be found in large markets. In the same places, 1 kg of meat can cost up to 4 times more than soy.



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