Vegetarianism in the Bible

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There are some key questions, which are always addressed to me when I am somewhere where I teach courses, lectures or even press interviews. I am going to talk to you a little bit about one of these questions which is perhaps the most common of all, and which are always addressed to me: "If vegetarianism is so good, why neither Jesus nor the Bible talk about it?"

Aa is that you are mistaken, because I tell you yes, I speak this with the authority of an ancient and great scholar of the Bible, having even read it many times, from Genesis to Revelation, even the entire book of Numbers, outside the countless sparse readings of his various books and chapters on several occasions ... As the first reference to the topic of food and vegetarianism, we have right at the beginning of the Bible in his first book Genesis 1, 29, the text: "And God said: Behold, you I have given all the land, and every tree, where there is fruit from trees, that from the seed, it will be servants for food. "

This placed in the 1st chapter of the first book shows the importance given to the theme food / vegetarianism by the most important of all books ever published in the West, the Bible, and even by its importance of all printed books when the press was discovered by João Gensfluich Gutenberg in Mongolia, the banks of the Rhine in Germany around 1455.

Following, even more in Genesis, we now have in Chapter IX, verse 4, the following text: "The flesh, however, with its blood, this is its life, its soul shall not eat."

And now we come to the third Pentateuch book written by Moses. The "Book donates Levites" to the priestly tribe, corresponds similarly to the Brahmins of Hinduism. This text says in its chapter XVIII, verse 10: "And to any man of the house of Israel or of the foreigners that wander among them, if I eat any blood I will turn my face against his soul and I will exterminate him from the middle of his people. "There are also some explanations in the verses following this one, ranging from 11 the land to number 16 one. As far as these passages are concerned, it is on them that Jehovah's Testimonies were based not to undergo blood transfusion.

Still in the same chapter XIX, only now verse 26, we find an explicit statement with regard to guidance on not eating blood / meat, the text reads: "I will not eat anything with blood, you will not wait nor guess . "

And see now that the news expressed in the following text Deuteronomy, III, 19 "When you see if a city had air ..., you will not destroy its grove, putting the ax in it, because you will eat of it: therefore you will not cut it, because the grove of the field is the food of man, ... ".

This news comes to the fore mainly due to the evidence of ecological problems, a moment with regard to the devastation of immense forest areas (mainly for the creation of pasture for cattle), that since these remote ages the Bible has already warned us about the danger that was being destroyed them, because first of all they are our food in a direct or indirect way.

"Did I start meat from bulls? Or will I drink goat blood?" Isn't that exactly what those who eat meat do? And see that these are Psalms L, 13 of David, so clear and explicit in the surprise question.

The simplest and most direct text is the following, written by the sage, Solomon who says in Proverbs XV, 17 "The vegetable is better, where there is love, than the fat ox and with it hatred."

Yes, it is with hatred that the ox comes to our table, with the hatred of the butcher who kills him, and with the hatred of the ox himself, when he finds himself helplessly led to the slaughterhouse and his executioner.

See that all these situations are not my own, but taken from the biblical text, after years and years of reading, studies and research, do not be surprised if you do not find the text referenced in your Bible because there are some numerical variations between Catholic and Protestant Bibles, among them, from different denominations.

Source: Report with prof. Helder Carvalho published in Jornal Vegan.



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