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It is my standard to send a letter to everyone who addresses me regarding personal actions.

When I said that the majority is directed by the works of leadership, I am talking about a fact, not linking the fact to my personal issue, so much so that before you arrived at the class I was already talking about the subject due to the factor related to the suffering of Christ and the aimless crowd.

This fact is real on average from 80% to 97% of a society is affected by the experience of its leaders, just read the story of Solomon, David, Saul, and others and see that the vast majority of the population was susceptible to leadership actions, if we observe Jehoshaphat we will see that when the leadership is directed to the right, the uprisings against God are decimated, see for example the Law of Moses studied in the lesson, because in the time of Moses it was allowed the death of an adulteress, or the death of a Sabbath-breaker, because that society had leadership that could carry out such actions, which did not happen in the time of Christ.

Leadership is something that is conquered, imposed leadership is not leadership is arrogance, faithful leadership generates in the members a vision of example as it happened with Paulo, but what is worth a leadership in which people say "they are loose", or people who do the undersigned say "it doesn’t work", such leadership invalidates the example, and I am not talking about my case at all.

But analyzing my case directly, which does not affect me to a degree because I believe in the text

Mat 5:11 Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you and, lying, say all evil against you because of me.
Mat 5:12 Rejoice and rejoice, for your reward is great in the heavens; because they persecuted the prophets who were before you.
Therefore, in my case, I should "rejoice" (greatly rejoice), because in my case no one came to me and showed my error as the Scriptures say.

Eze 3:18 When I say to the wicked, You will surely die; if you do not warn him or speak to warn the wicked about his evil way, in order to save his life, that wicked man will die in his iniquity; but your blood, from your hand, I will demand it:
Soon if I was wrong in my position and the leadership proposes to make decisions without warning or warning my blood will soon be required by everyone who did not come to me and more.

Mat 18:15 Now if your brother sins, go and rebuke him between you and him alone; if I hear you, you will have won your brother;
Such factors did not occur to me, but if it is to examine each step I will analyze one by one, remember that such factors do not generate feelings at the most I could generate the joy contained in Mat 5:12, first the actions were affected by the non acceptance of various positions of Scripture that he preached and many did not accept, but none of those who did not accept proved that it was not that way just did not accept, and not accepting is not proof of veracity, veracity is in the Bible and not in what one or the other accept or not.

After several months in which I have always preserved my position, my position as Sabbath School teacher was withdrawn without notice, and such things only happen if the teacher is slack and does not appear in the teachers' class, since I am in the church and my mother , the only removal of teachers is when they are not present, because they do not want to, or because they are disciplined or excluded. Simply taking a teacher present and who remains in the class of teachers never occurred mine is the first, of course the Sabbath School director herself informed that the Pastor had said not to let me remain until the conclusion of a subject, but what subject he asked she who got no answers, much less I was told what it was about, and so meetings were held, without my presence,

After that, my father wanted to solve the problem caused by this factor of undue action on the part of the management, and asked to speak with the pastor he trusted most, which was sad to see that he trusted him most and knew about the who was going to speak did not want to answer it and left him with the one who generated the problem, and thus seeing and not wanting my father to suffer because he had not yet learned to resist falsehoods, and could lose him from the church because he could apply force if necessary, I decided to go for a walk in several Churches and see if my father would let it go, because God is revenge and the hard thing is to fall into the hands of the Lord, so people who did not come to me and spoke about me behind my back , causing me to suffer reproach without granting me the right of defense, they will receive the due payment from God,it may seem sentimental but it is not logic 2 + 2 = 4 there is no feeling in it, now you may not believe what I say but it does not say that what you believe is real, because the real is what God says, and that the man follows the following text:

1Co 2:11 For which man understands the things of man, if not the spirit of man who is in him? So also the things of God, no one understood them, except the Spirit of God.

So if I say that I feel something, the only way you can say that I don't feel is by possessing my spirit, which you are not allowed, so you cannot say that I feel.

But returning to the subject due to a problem that Giz's mother was experiencing, we had to help her mother and so we stayed in the church of Vila Antonieta, and we stayed until the pastor there informed the commission that there was no advisable that I participate to pass the lesson or have positions in Vila Antonieta due to the warning of the pastor of the church of Vila Verde which alerted me the first elder of Vila Antonieta, so as not to create a problem for the brother, I decided to return because I saw that it is no use seeing if they calm down and leave me, because wherever I go I am persecuted and that is a sign of praise and not of sadness.

It is clear that the lack of visitation on the part of the leadership is a complete biblical factor of the lack of love, and the lack of love is a clear position of the absence of divine action on the part of those who make decisions and speak without listening to the other side.

So I returned and here I continue to observe the course of the abominations that are committed in Jerusalem, and these factors I observe only as fulfillment of prophecy, and woe to those in which the prophecy is fulfilled.

Analyzing the fact that you consider that I am presumptuous, I have often heard such things, but in none of the times did the person show my mistake and more if he is going to analyze only Pastor Pinho came to my house and talked to us on a topic which he himself he saw that there was no way to be contrary, and from there he did not make the decision to follow what we were referring to but stopped preaching against, and only this one came to us.

I study at USP and the teachers show when they make a mistake, and when I make mistakes I see that I made a mistake, and there is no point in deceiving the teachers show the mistake and the students see that they made no mistake, which is contrary to my factor in the church that nobody it shows that he is wrong, on the contrary I demonstrate and post texts on the subject and either the person does not want to talk about the subject anymore or comes to me and says that he understood and is right, and this is not a presumption this is a fact.

If you believe that I am wrong in some biblical concept it must be a fact that you know more about this concept than I do, then you must prove that I am wrong, if you do not prove that I am wrong, then the wrong is you who said that you are wrong but it hasn't proved.

Now suppose that when someone hears my positions several times and does not accept them, but will not come to me to understand the positions, they just do not accept it due to an internal sentimental consideration, and now start speaking against me either in the committee or in the leadership from the Sabbath School, which culminates in not staying as a teacher at the Sabbath School, and harms me without any right of defense, creating difficulties and problems. Some look at the sentimental factor, but the real analysis is out of the feeling because love is a principle and not a feeling, and that principle did not happen to me, because nobody came to me, and who should have me, now who should meeting me is my neighbor who heard that they talked about me and did not come to me. Some say it is the Shepherd who must go,

People think that I say that people will get lost for not accepting the deep doctrines and concepts I studied, which is a mistake, because people will get lost because of the lack of love for others, for doing things the wrong way. obscure, not giving others the right to defend themselves, and it is not necessary to read from Hebrew or examine from Greek, this is a clear and obvious factor.

Now about what I had talked to you about learning, when I go to USP the professor says that he will teach me and I learn and that is not his presumption, nor is he finding himself, he studied and knows more than me that one subject, and I learn from it, but for example when I spoke of prayer on my knees you did not want to come and talk to me about it, or you show me the light of Scripture that I am wrong or I am right, there is no mistake if it is not proved that it is wrong, I already had a teacher in the public school who was wrong and I had to go to the blackboard to show that I was wrong and he saw and accepted, of course at USP I did not find a teacher who is wrong in the given subject.

Now if you think that you will not learn anything from me, that is rather arrogance because I have already learned even with illiterates, and I know how to listen and listen to whoever it is and in what way I hear and analyze, there was a time when someone who was illiterate decided to pray in the direction of the pulpit, he should disregard it or speak ill of it, really not, but rather listen to it and show properly in the bible where his mistake was. Such a thing does not happen to me because people do not come to me, they just ignore it, like a madman who speaks silliness some think, others are realistic with themselves and prefer only to harm in what they can, consider that I have knowledge but my knowledge must be muffled.

Of course I told you something in the church, so show me that I am wrong in my positions, see the points below and show me if I am wrong.

1 - In every dilemma of Biblical ideological position that you did not agree with my position you went to me and showed your position based on texts from the Bible that are contrary to my position, so that the clear says the Lord shut me up?

2 - When at any time you heard someone say something against me or say something that would hinder me from being a Sabbath School teacher or exercising leadership in the church, did you go to me to see if things were really like this?

3 - You treated me following the love system placed by God, going to visit me and asking if I was sad about what I was going through due to the decisions made in the church and the factors that excluded me from acting in the church, in the same way that we were saddened by you. having lost the child, and we went to ask him how he was, what you said that God conformed you and helped you to resist, and you know what I said or not was asking me if I was sad because I was not a teacher at Sabbath School o that at the time you participated in the leadership?

In these analyzes I do not use the feeling because I do not examine the personnel, because the person is the one who let him act, if Satan acts then the fight is not with the person who is with Satan but with Satan.

Eph 6:12 for it is not against flesh and blood that we have to fight, but against the principalities, against the powers, tells the princes of the world of this darkness, against the spiritual hosts of iniquity in the heavenly regions.

The person is the one he serves, he is Christ when he loves his neighbor and goes to him, or the person is Satan when he speaks ill of his brother to other people in order to harm his work.

In each position I put in this letter I could include more texts from Ellen's Testimonies but in order not to grow too much the letter I preferred not to, but if in doubt I can put several texts based on what I wrote.

God put me in the world as a kind of proof, everyone who analyzes only what I say without saying "you gave the impression", "you didn't say it but you meant it", "ahh you are false if you play the saint but it is not "," you think you own the truth "," you are an ignorant person who knows everything ", when the person does not hold on to any of these or similar positions and literally analyzes what I really said without adding what your heart says but only logic it can understand two strictly important factors the first and greatest is love and the second, less important but highly necessary, understands the language of the bible without the deviations of the heart, Mary Magdalene heard the same Christ's preachings that the disciples heard,Mary bought the ointment for the body of Christ and the disciples were preparing to see in the kingdom of Christ where they would position themselves, Mary heard only the words of Christ and the disciples thought that Christ meant he would be king, "I meant" is not said , said is a fact "I meant" each one chooses, nobody "meant" or said or did not say.

Every time someone says something different than what I understand, I will have it with the person, whoever it is before I leave the church, I call him, and why I do it, because if God wants to give me knowledge I must seek it, but if God wanted you get an understanding of something for the day bad and you didn’t come to me in what you didn’t accept, could you meet with God and say today that nothing could come of good about me from the scriptures? If you go through the dangers of faith in the future and God tells you if you loved my servant, you would listen and escape from such things. Or can you meet God and say Rubens is not your servant Lord? He doesn't know the text that says:

1Co 1:27 On the contrary, God chose the crazy things of the world to confuse the wise; and God chose the weak things in the world to confuse the strong;
1Co 1:28 and God chose the ignoble things of the world, and those that are despised, and those that are not, to reduce to nothing those that are;
Now how can we know what is right or what is wrong, now it is simple to have with each one and see how the Bereans do.

Act 17:11 Now these were more noble than those of Thessalonica, because they received the word with all avidity, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so.

Every action of our life can lead to overwhelming consequences, because the people of Israel ate quail in the desert they lost the lucidity necessary to analyze and decide to enter the promised land and had to die in the desert, when a decision is made it comes from things that have happened before, if we always choose good, the terrain is advantageous, but if we choose evil we reap suffering and sadness.

I do not like the word "forgive me", I think it is unnecessary, for me when the person is studying the Word of God, being firm in the diet, and in the Christian way of dressing and behaving, it brings me much more happiness than the one who asks for forgiveness and after "half a dozen" words gets angry again, God himself does not want the lambs.

Isa 1:11 Of what use is the multitude of your sacrifices to me? says the Lord. I am tired of the burnt offerings of sheep, and the fat of fattened animals; and I do not like the blood of bulls, or lambs, or goats.
Isa 1:12 When you come to appear before me, who has asked for this of you, that you should come to my courts?
Isa 1:13 Do not continue to bring in vain offerings; incense is an abomination to me. The new moons, the Saturdays, and the convening of assemblies ... I cannot bear iniquity and solemn gathering!
Isa 1:14 Your new moons and your fixed feasts, my soul hates them; they are already heavy to me; I am tired of suffering them.
Isa 1:15 When you stretch out your hands, I will hide my eyes from you; and though you multiply your prayers, I will not hear them; because your hands are full of blood.
Isa 1:16 Wash yourselves, purify yourselves; remove the evil of your acts from before my eyes; cease to do evil;
Isa 1:17 learn to do good; seek justice, end oppression, do justice to the orphan, defend the widow's cause.
The important thing is not the excuse, but to make evil cease, to do good, to seek justice, to end oppression, and much more, so I prefer the real decision to the sentimental crying, I did not forgive anyone, who forgives is God, because I am his, because if you come to me I cannot think "I am right and you are wrong", because if I think like that, I will conclude that the word is not from God but mine, but people think that I say that, and this is only in the characteristic of these people of "suspecting evil", when we go to the brother we are testing before God the characteristic of humility, but humility must come with the characteristic of real decision, what is the use of asking for forgiveness and not to change, you have to consciously and logically analyze and make a real decision, then oppression ends.

You are going to Bahia, may God accompany you, about my opinion about your going I am very comfortable because you did not ask for my opinion, and so I don’t need to give, we will miss you, your husband and your child, you can even think that I think "less than one who spoke of me behind my back", but that does not mean that I think like that, you do not know my inner world and I am not like the average person, the evil we do brings consequences and when someone it is bad to receive such and I feel sadness in advance of what will happen because it is hard to fall into the hands of the Lord, there are people who want to destroy the person who does the evil, I see the suffering that it will generate in doing this evil, think I feel sadness for being cornered in Vila Verde, because my answer is no,because if there is no persecution it is a sign that I am not preaching the truth, but if I preach the truth and nobody proves me wrong then I feel that I should rejoice, and when they say the obscures to a leader and another leader that I cannot do this or that without going to me there I feel that they did the same with the prophets before me, and that should be a factor of joy and not of sadness, sadness should come only to people who do evil, and such has the reward from those who practiced such actions against the prophets before me.and this must be a factor of joy and not of sadness, sadness must come only to people who do evil, and there is the reward of those who practiced such actions against the prophets before me.and this must be a factor of joy and not of sadness, sadness must come only to people who do evil, and there is the reward of those who practiced such actions against the prophets before me.

One thing is certain, we will all appear before the judge, and if someone harms a brother God abhors, sins that God does not accept but speaking of the brother to others, without going to the brother is an abominable sin to the Lord, and in the great day we will have to give an account to the Lord, for nothing is hidden from him, and nothing can be hidden from him, before his trip to Bahia see if he has not done such actions because salvation is at stake, if he did go to his brother and ask for forgiveness, not that the brother has the power to forgive sins, but God has determined it to be so.

Pro 9: 8 Do not rebuke the scorner, lest he hate you; rebuke the wise man, and he will love you.
 Pro 9: 9 Instruct the wise man, and he will become more wise; teach the righteous, and he will grow in understanding.
 Are you loving me as Proverbs says, or are you hating me, I hope you are wise.



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