Do clothes and habits determine the person?

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People are what they wear and, through personal tastes, they are what they decide to like. For liking something is closely linked to the foundations of a person's character.
Because no one would dress or have free habits, what they don't like. Thus, when free, his clothes, words, and tastes are what the person really is.
Individuals who dress like scientists, or businessmen, or researchers, have within them the desire to be what they seek to appear. How a person actually dresses, according to his idol, demonstrates that he wants to be like him.
Thus, people who dress or like a style are fundamentally representative of that style. In this case, we can analyze it in a harmful way, to people who dress linked to vanity. As the term vanity is said, it defines something that has the quality of that which is empty. Thus, a person who presents himself as wishing to be a scientist, and seeks to look like one, does not have the quality of being empty, but the quality of a scientist.
Therefore, when looking for a job, the interviewer can observe the clothes, and see if such a person presents himself as a standard of the work team or not. This is because clothing determines a person's inner tastes. And people who seek to appear with the company's ideology are happier, and similar to the company's ideals.
In this way, people who are concerned with showing body skills have their tastes linked to this demonstration. For they consider such things valid. People who are concerned about vanity paintings or styles show concern about vanity.
When we see people who struggled a lot and evolved, we can see a great unconcern with vanity, we can see this with individuals like Einstein, Niels Bohr, Pascal, Freud, and many others. Thus, it is a practical parameter to define people by their dress and actions.
Normally, such things exist, because what time is spent on, is what character is formed, we are what we present ourselves, because we want to be what we present. Therefore, if a person seeks to present himself in a certain way, his character is to seek to be that way.
Currently, young people are very much looking for vanity, and clothes that demonstrate contrasts in a sensual format, or in systems of vision of the habits of the periphery, such things demonstrate the will to be what they seek. This usually generates a weight for non-evolution, because if you have time for what is not important, that's why you seek vanity.
Thus, we currently have people who are the very term of vanity, which is empty, we have people who, when they show themselves with vanity, it is because they are empty. For if they have a taste for what is empty, it is because their interior is empty.


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