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The human being.
What is the human being? What is the goal of people? Why do they live as they do?
It is often interesting to observe people and see what they are like and what they do.
Most children who are born learn the system of selfishness, "this is mine", and the other's also "is mine".
When boys are in their childhood they learn the style of fighting, fighting, killing, both on TV and in video games. Girls learn to dream of being stars or, be part of success, whether in music or other things.
When boys enter the youth phase they enter the "bad boy" period, boys full of panca, who seek to consume girls, who are dreams of consumption.
The girls enter the youth phase and seek to be the boys' dream of consumption.
As time goes by, both girls and boys feel that their parents no longer guarantee everything they want, and are compelled to work to continue paying for what they like.
But then they find that his life did not generate the necessary content to have a good job, or to earn a good income. Even knowing this, they prefer to isolate themselves in the madness of youth instead of seeking evolution.
However, over time life forces young people to fall into reality, and this is done with family fights and impositions.
With that, these young people face what was not prepared, and thus suffer harsh sadness, anguish and disappointment. The girls see that their dreams of consumption, and the boys being "bad boys", do not lead anywhere.
Some produce children and do not marry and few marry, and those who marry have not learned what it is like to live in a family, and continue with their individualistic ideas, generating chaos and fights.
Over the years, life becomes routine and dull, meaningless and time passes.
In old age both look back and see no sense in what they lived, but they don't have time to do anything else, they would like to change the past but they can't do it anymore, and then it comes to an end.
This is the life of the vast majority, when looking at it you see a life without meaning, why live such a life?
Such people ignore their surroundings, do not see the greatness of the things that exist. People stroll, play, eat, drink in this world but do not know how small they are because they do not seek knowledge, do not understand that the earth is tiny and coming out of the earth, we have the great solar system with its planets and the sun.
Leaving the solar system we have nebulae, other suns and planets, and going further we find the galaxy, but if we go further we still find billions of galaxies, and now seeing all this, is it fair to live a meaningless life?
But then what is the point? It is not really consuming or being consumed.
Such a large universe does not exist for anything, it exists for an objective reason.
And each has the right to choose whether to live like a passing wind or a mountain that remains. Many say that they want to be like the wind they are like the young man who likes to live the pleasures of life, and when he goes to look for a job, he would have liked to have studied more and reduced the pleasures. But then it's too late because you have to work, to live.
But how to get out of that circle? Everyone knows how, but almost nobody wants to leave, because pleasure is an addiction.
Two things exist, pleasure and happiness, pleasure is fleeting, happiness is permanent. Happiness is rational, pleasure is irrational, for you to have happiness you make others happy, for pleasure you make yourself happy, happiness is altruistic, and selfish pleasure, when seeking happiness earns life, seeking pleasure, life is lost.
So pleasure or happiness? In youth, young people think pleasure is happiness, in adulthood and in old age the person discovers that pleasure generates unhappiness.
Let's analyze in practice, in youth drinking beer generates pleasure, in adulthood and in old age carrying the belly generated by the pleasure of beer generates unhappiness.
And so it is with all things.
Now watch this! it is a cemetery, a place where a lot of people were buried, whether you want to or not you will have to think about it one day. There are two types of people, those who ignore and those who analyze. The person who seeks pleasure is ignorant, that is, he seeks to ignore the consequences, the person who seeks happiness is prudent, that is, he tries not to go through the consequences.
The ignorant lives at parties until he finds himself at a crossroads; the prudent studies and prepares himself.
The ignorant destroys his body and dies in agony; the prudent fortifies him to rest in peace.
The ignorant thinks that everyone is a fool and only he is intelligent; the prudent learns from the wisest.
The ignorant suffers from his mistakes; the prudent learns from the mistakes of others.
The ignorant takes pleasure in being ignorant. And the prudent is happy to be wise.
The prudent when looking at a cemetery wonders how to escape death.
The ignorant does not want to know about this subject.
Well in the next topic we will study how to escape death.


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