Ellen White's Exile in Australia

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The post-1888 opposition to Ellen White was so determined that the General Conference exiled her to Australia. While it is true that the Lord reversed his stay there for the sake of His cause on that continent, it was never His will for her to be at that time. She declares that the Lord wanted the inspired trio to stay together in America. Their own writings indicate that leaders wanted both Ellen White and Waggoner to stay out of the way.

it is well known that Mrs. White was only because the General Conference designated her to be. In 1896 she wrote very frankly to the president of the General Conference as quoted in 1 .

We found clear references, such as " The Lord was not directing our departure from America " 1 , " The Lord did not plan this " 1 , " It was not the Lord who planned this issue. " 1 , " and the Lord was not pleased with it " 1 , "it was God's wish that we should stay side by side " 1 , " That Battle Creek people felt they could let us go at the time we did it was the result of human planning, not the Lord's " 1 , "The Lord determined that we should be close to the publishing houses "1 .

it is therefore remarkably clear that Ellen did not wish to go to such a country, and even more clearly, that she was sent as a way that the Battle Creek leadership would be freed from her presence, by the disturbing effect of alerting the mistakes made by the leadership. So in a faraway country they could do whatever they wanted without interrupting Ellen and her letters.

Those who say the 1888 message was accepted by Church leadership can interpret Ellen White's years in Australia as cooperation with the Holy Spirit. it is true that it was possible for him to write good letters for his homeland. But depriving North America of his personal ministry on this critical occasion confirmed "to a great extent" the final defeat of the beginning of the loud cry message.

EJ Waggoner suffered a similar exile when he was sent to England in the spring of 1892. There is also evidence that it was not pure missionary zeal that sent him. By that time Ellen White had already been sent to Australia; the second member of the trio was also to leave. We note the following in Gilbert M. Valentine’s doctoral thesis on WW Prescott 3 .

A year before Ellen White was sent to Australia, she poured out her heart in a letter to JS Washburn, a young minister. It vividly describes the climate at Battle Creek 4 headquarters .

Categorically quotes " I have no hope that the Lord has a power in reserve to break their resistance. " 4 , thus it determines that it was easier to work with unbelievers than with the leaders and believers who hindered the work " I have much greater freedom in speak to unbelievers. They are interested " 4 , directly referring to church officials" Oh, it is the most difficult place in the world, to speak where great light has come to men in positions of responsibility. They have been enlightened, but they have chosen darkness, before the light " 4 .

After such declarations, Ellen decided to demonstrate the truths that had been accepted and modified in relation to the General Conference, writing during the period when she was sending to Australia 6 , in which we observe that a blessing was not accepted by the direction " a blessing for us in Minneápolis and also at the General Conference [1889] here. But the blessing was not accepted " 6 . So much was the pressure caused by the leaders that she quotes " If possible I want to be away from here, before I lose the last drop of energy. " 6 , defining the incredulity of the actions exposed on the people " a spirit that obscured the observation capacity of the people " 6 .

It is noted that the descriptions of the leadership situation, were not found but in the work of being guided by God seen " The voice of Battle Creek, which has been considered as the authority to determine how the work should be done, is not plus the voice of God. " 8 , notably we did not find texts after this one so that it could cancel it at any later time. So it was determined that from that moment on and not specifying whether there would be an end, " Battle Creek voice, " 8 , " is no longer the voice of God " 8 .

After two years, the position became widespread in the relation to the body, defining " The church is in the Laodicean condition. The presence of God is not in the midst of it " 10 , as it defined that preaching was better in relation to unbelievers " I have no strength to contend with the spirit, and resistance, doubts and disbelief that have invaded their souls, so that they do not see when good comes. I have much greater freedom in speaking to unbelievers. They are interested. " 4 .

No other message contrary to " The church is in the Laodicean condition. The presence of God is not in the midst of it " 10 , was written by Ellen determining a time when the " General Conference " would be like the voice of God, nor would it the " The presence of God" "is in the middle of it ", any text referring to the contrary were written before 1890, therefore assuming that Ellen was a prophet, in biblical linearity the last reports remain until the next prophet determines otherwise. (God will not reveal anything)



1. Chap. 187 - To OA Olsen

"The Lord was not directing our departure from America. He did not reveal that it was His will that I leave Battle Creek. The Lord did not plan this, but allowed them to act according to your own imagination. The Lord wanted WC White, his mother and his workers to remain in America. We were necessary in the center of the Work, and had your spiritual perception discerned the true situation, you would never have consented to the measures taken. But the Lord reads everyone's hearts. There was so much willingness for us to leave that the Lord allowed this event to take place. Those who were tired of the testimonies given were left without the people who transmitted them. Our separation from Battle Creek was to let men do their own will and manner, which they thought was superior to the Lord's way.

"The result is before you. Had you remained on the right side, such a decision would not have been made at this time. The Lord would have worked for Australia by other means, and a strong influence would have been maintained at Battle Creek, the great heart of the Work.

"We would have stayed there shoulder to shoulder, creating a healthy atmosphere to be felt in all our associations. It was not the Lord who planned this issue. I was unable to obtain a ray of light as to leave America. But when the Lord presented me this question as it really was, I didn’t open my lips to anyone because I knew that no one would discern the issue in all its implications. When we left, relief was felt by many, but not so much by yourself, and the Lord was not pleased with that. , for He had put us close to the wheels of the Battle Creek machinery.

"This is the reason I am writing to you. Pastor Olsen did not have the insight, the courage, the strength, to carry the responsibilities; nor was there any other man prepared to do the work that the Lord had proposed that we should do. I I am writing to you, Pastor Olsen, telling you that it was God's wish that we should remain side by side, so that I would advise you, instruct you, and act accordingly ... You were not discerning, you were not willing to have the strong experience and knowledge that does not derive from a human source removed from you, and thus revealed that the ways of the Lord were miscalculated and overlooked ... This advice was not considered a necessity.

"That Battle Creek people felt they could let us go at the time we did was the result of human planning, not the Lord's... The Lord determined that we should be close to the publishing houses, that we should have easy access. to these institutions so that we could counsel together... Oh, how terrible it is to treat the Lord with deception and neglect, to mock His counsel with pride because of the wisdom of man to appear so superior. " (Letter to OA Olsen, 127, 1896). 2

"Sunnyside," Cooranbong.
Dec. 1, 1896.
Dear Brother Olsen:--
It is your privilege to draw high to God, and put your entire trust in him. He understands all about the mistakes of the past, and he will help you. But wherever you may be, never, never tread over the same ground. You have done a sad work, but do not repeat it. Be decided, be firm. When you have a clear perception of the work the Lord would have done, take no divided or neutral course, but do that work in the fullest sense, irrespective of imaginary consequences. {1888 1621.1}
Christ says to you: "Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart, and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light." These words mean a great deal more than many suppose. If you had placed your self under the yoke of Christ, you would not have been in the position you have been in for years. Your readiness to hear and to accept the propositions of unsanctified men, and yoke up with them, has revealed a great lack of moral perception. The very first step in the direction of withdrawing your neck from Christ


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