Vaccine, is it an action of the beast of the Apocalypse? News 07/21/2020

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Vaccine against covid-19, created at the University of Oxford, is considered safe by the tests, but has not yet proven efficacy. There are still others in testing Sinovac Biotech, AD5-nCoV and Sinopharm all from China and mRNA-1273 from the United States. All are still being tested for effectiveness.
Contagion and deaths by covid-19, pressure governments to strengthen the rules of isolation.
Anti-racism acts are reduced, and are repressed, for having acted in a way that destroys public property.
Actions in favor of nature take place, with no certainty that they will reach their goal, due to denialist governments.
Groups still say that vaccine is an action of the apocalypse beast, or conspiracy theory plot. Vaccine is just a research system that uses the ability of the immune system to detect parts of viruses.
Anti-racism acts should follow biblical advice more, and do peaceful acts, without destruction and with more awareness. The bible says neither by force nor by violence.
Man continues to destroy the nature created by God, so that the poor will end up lacking natural resources. The difficulties, and the praise for the lack of culture and the praise for amusements and pleasures, are generating groups that, using violence, claim to be fair. Tracing the actions of Sodom and Gomorrah. It is analyzed that such things will continue.


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