Religion in the present times

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Over the years, more and more the religiosity of society is decreasing. It is clear to note that human society has developed the search for God.
One of the big questions would be: Can man live healthily in society without the model of a God, in his psychological?
This is the fact in which we define, whether man was created to seek God or not.
Looking at history, we see that man naturally has a search for divinity, which leads to something beyond. But today's societies develop games, films, and ideas that trivialize the whole concept of the existence of a deity.
Life and death ends up being just a succession of events, with no link of any importance. Both life and death are considered mere successions and thus, the value of life for each individual is losing its meaning.
Questions like: Where did I come from? Where I go? Why do I exist? They no longer have meaning, and thus psychological problems are formed.
In fact, an important factor for survival is the non-acceptance of death. Accepting death is the first foundation for seeking death. So the concept of eternal life, in a universe of infinite purpose, is a human need. That cannot be explained by evolutionary fundamentals.
There is no logic that man seeks God in an evolutionary system. In other words, if the evolution was correct, man would not have the idea of ​​seeking a divinity.
The act of ignoring this fact, and generating a society free of religious concepts, trivializing them directly as unfounded stories. It can generate a society contrary to its own biological system, with regard to the need for a deity.
And again the question comes, are we biologically programmed to seek a deity? And again if we look at history, the answer is, yes.
What we can see in society, is that we are generating a silent bomb. To imagine that canceling the needs of physical social interaction, with nature and with other individuals, can be accepted biologically by the body, is a very irrational idea.
To deny the biology of the human being, by the banner that man can follow whatever he wishes, is an extremely childish logic. What we can see is an exponential increase in psychological problems, due to the non-acceptance of what biological factors are connected, in the control of psychological facts. Imagining to be what we are biologically not, does not develop reality, ends up developing disappointment, because reality is not what we want it to be. It is what it is, and we must conform to the laws of the universe, not the other way around.


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