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Many people with the simple objective of accusing and questioning, without giving due analysis of texts, because if they did so, such accusation factors would end. Such people try to use texts outside their context, that is, they do not analyze the meaning of the texts or meditate on them, simply because they want to condemn only.

In order for a position to be given, all texts regarding a type of subject must be properly examined and only then can a conclusion be determined.

An example of using texts outside their context is what the site http://www.adventistas.ws/politica.htm does, using two texts from the book "Fundamentals of Christian Education", which is a compilation of other texts of Ellen's testimonies. Let us look at each text in detail, without leaving the context in which it is included.

First of all, let's see the text contained in 1 , this text was originally extracted from " Review and Herald, August 19 and 26, 1884 " 1 , in this text we find the term " based on deliberative and legislative councils " 1 , we see that you are talking about " educating yourself so that you can have a name and position in the world " 1 , to win in a political action there is no need to educate, politics is an election action, in which whoever manages to convince the greatest number of people wins, be it literate or not. An illiterate man and an organization of paid people can put the illiterate man in power through politics. But the text is linked to its continuation,Review and Herald " 2 , the one found in 2 is quoted .

In ancient times, political issues were not determined by vote but by struggles for conquest, Daniel did not fight with Nebuchadnezzar for political dominance, but as the Bible quotes in 3 .

Therefore, Daniel participated in " deliberative and legislative councils, cooperating in drafting laws for the nation " 1 , without using the political system of the time. What goes according to the text when it mentions " reaching the heights of intellectual greatness " 1 , the bible mentions that Daniel and his friends " ten times more learned than all the magicians and astrologers that were in all his kingdom " 3 , what the " magicians and astrologers " 3 did , they helped the king to form laws, as he quotes for example in the case of the biblical text 4 .

The satraps were positions given by the king to men, due to the king's own choices, Daniel did not participate in any political test, it was just as the text says " ten times more learned than all the magicians and astrologers that existed throughout his kingdom " 3 , plus his kind spirit, was chosen by the king, without participating or fighting in a political campaign, in the case of political positioning we have 5 :

We see this in the case of Joseph of Egypt 6 :

So we see that Pharaoh was established by political actions but Joseph was acting in the legislation because " no one is as understanding and wise as you are. " 6 , and on this principle that is based on the message found in " Review and Herald, 19 and 26 of August 1884 " 1 .

The bible has always been the basis of many laws, and at no time, none of the writers went through a political contest of powers, God stipulated who should and who should not be in a position, Joseph went through hard trials of poverty, and God put him as governor without the action of Joseph, Joseph only sought the Wisdom that is in God.

Currently the laws that are directed to the computer technology system, are made based on the advice of engineers and computer technicians, in the same way that the texts "quote you on deliberative and legislative councils, cooperating in the drafting of laws for the nation" " 1 , such technicians and engineers cooperate to draft laws, without having to fight politically for such positions, just being great experts in their fields.

The text found in 1 , defends the expansion of the intellect to aid the production of laws without having to go through the deliberate political wars, involving conglomerates of people in questionable and anti-Christian situations.

First, we have nowhere that Ellen's writings determine the permission of any Christian individual to participate in a political contest. On the contrary, he says that " The children of God must separate themselves from politics, ". Therefore, we have two principles: separation from politics, and the possibility of acting on " deliberative and legislative councils ".

There are several ways to act in councils of laws, one of these actions is to participate in a plebiscite. We currently find referendums on participation in laws, for example the news " Referendums in American legislatures will deal with taxes, marijuana and dogs ", so in some situations people can participate in legislative councils, when the senate, or parliament authorizes such participation. Such actions make people " cooperating in the drafting of laws for the nation ", without participating in political contests, and election campaigns. Other forms are councils of citizens in which they advise people from the senate or parliament on certain matters.

Notably we find a text in "Review and Herald June 23, 1903 Our Responsibility in the Present Crisis" 7 , such a text determines that a simple man can be a Christian and defines the term " The human agent may have no voice in legislative councils " 7 , we see that it defines that such a person may not have a voice in legislative councils and does not have " he may not be permitted to deliberate " permission to deliberate, see that there is a way of analysis, one that determines an individual like Daniel, intellectually trained and with this advising and thus with " reaching the heights of intellectual greatness " 1 , so that he participates in councils,and in another positioning a simple man "it is not necessary for a man to have great talents " 7 , who has no voice in councils or permission.

Therefore, the analytical question of whether or not to be in a council is linked to " intellectual greatness " 1 , if the point was a political campaign, such a factor would not be necessary, since the electoral act does not make such a determination. The elections involve publicity and not intellectuality. Therefore, together with " The children of God must separate themselves from politics ", it is clear that the individual's performance in laws, involves the act of counselor, as much as he can act, as long as they do the job of " separating from politics ".

Notably, we see that Daniel had no alliance with the other satrapas, in which Daniel was prominently isolated. The text described in Ellen's writings refers to Daniel as an example. An individual who did not fight to get a position, and who did not make an alliance with unbelievers, only informed and did his job correctly, according to the will of God.

If the representation that an individual should participate in public positions directly linked to voting, it would not be necessary to determine the ideological positioning of " intellectual greatness ", as the predominant factor of a position, and comparing with Daniel's example.

In summary, we find that the Christian can participate in the choices in the counseling factor for the formulation of laws, as often happens in the USA, while he must be free from politics, in the form of " Do not take part in political struggles ", well " struggles " politics ", are not advice for laws as in the case of Daniel," political struggles "is the electoral characteristic of getting a position in the middle of disputes.

1. Dear youth, what is the aim and purpose of your life? Do you have the ambition to educate yourself so that you can have a name and position in the world? You have thoughts that you dare not express, that you may one day reach the heights of intellectual greatness; that you can rely on deliberative and legislative councils, cooperating in drafting laws for the nation? There is nothing wrong with these aspirations. You can each set a target. You must not be content with petty achievements. Aspire to the height, and spare no effort to reach it. Review and Herald, August 19 and 26, 1884

2.For Daniel, the fear of the Lord was the beginning of wisdom. He was placed in a position where temptation was strong. In the royal courts there was dissipation everywhere; selfish indulgence, appetite satisfaction, intemperance and gluttony were the order of the day. Daniel could participate in the debilitating and corrupting practices of courtiers, or resist the degrading influence. He preferred this last line of conduct. It settled on his heart not to be corrupted by the sinful indulgences with which he was brought into contact, whatever the consequences. It would not even be contaminated with the delicacies of the king's table, or with the wine he drank. The Lord was pleased with Daniel's procedure. He was very loved and honored by Heaven;

3. Among them all were not found, such as Daniel, Hananiah, Misael and Azarias; therefore, they remained before the king. And in all matters of wisdom and intelligence, about which the king asked them questions, he found them ten times more learned than all the magicians and astrologers who were in all his kingdom ". Dan. 1:19 and 20

4. Dan 6: 6 Then the presidents and the satraps went to the king together, and said to him: O king Darius, live forever.
Dan 6: 7 All the presidents of the kingdom, the prefects and satraps, the councilors and the governors, agreed that the king should issue a decree and publish the respective ban, that anyone who, for a period of thirty days, makes a petition to any god, or to any man, except you, O king, be cast into the lions' den.

5.  Dan 2:21 He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and establishes kings; it is he who gives wisdom to the wise and understanding to those who understand.

6. Gen 41:39 Then Pharaoh said to Joseph, Because God has made all this known to you, no one is as understanding and wise as you. Gen 41:40 You will be over my house, and all your people will be governed by your voice; only on the throne will I be greater

7. In order to be a Christian, it is not necessary for a man to have great talents. The human agent may have no voice in legislative councils; he may not be permitted to deliberate in senates or vote in parliaments; yet he has access to God. The King of kings bends low to listen to the prayer coming from one who desires to do the Master


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