Does the Christian participate in Political Party?

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We find in "Testimonies, vol. 9, p. 218" 1 the text contained in 1 .

A politician must now join a party, therefore violating " The children of God must separate themselves from politics, from all association with unbelievers. " 1 . In political action it is necessary to " political struggles " 1 , such factors the bible does not determine what should be done, that is " Do not take part in political struggles " 1 , it is a real factor in which its end is "to lead to strife and disturbances " 1 , generating" dissensions are the moral poison introduced into the organism by selfish human beings " 1 .

See that there is a big difference in a man who studies to demonstrate the truth and in which other men can mark their laws, as the Bible is a mark for many laws. And the political contest, which leads to dissensions, political struggles, strife and disturbances. A computer engineer, describes the best way to work on the internet and sets standards, and that is the basis for formulating a law. Already in " political struggles " 1 , nowadays only the action of convincing is involved regardless of the level of knowledge, formerly " political struggles " 1 , were based on war. But righteous laws were always based on wise men inspired by God, as many current laws are based on the Ten Commandments.

The text found in "Fundamentals of Christian Education" 2 is found in 2 .

Therefore, there is no confusion between the act of assisting in the production of laws, and the categorical difference in entering into " political struggles " 1 .

At the beginning of the summer of 1881, at the camp meeting in Des Moines, Iowa, a resolution was presented to the delegates, which reads as contained in 3 .

Some, however, objected to the clause calling for action at the "ballot box" and insisted on its suppression. Mrs. White, who was attending the camp meeting, had withdrawn, but was asked to give her advice.

Writing about it at the time, she says: " I prepared myself and thought that I should talk about it if our people should vote for the ban. I said to them, 'Yes


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