Movements that Condemn without Analysis

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On the website which places on its pages the text contained in Fundamentals of Christian Education, p. 82; Fundamentals of Christian Education, p. 483, trying to say that there is a literal contradiction. saying the text 1 .

He quotes " The word legislative includes the position of senator " 1 , where did he get this analysis from? See that one of the characteristics of movements after a period and to define points that are not in the text. In other words, they return to the principles of similarity to those they condemned in the past. In other words, they condemn the Trinitarian system saying that there was no clear factor for determining trinity, and they condemn the use of the term because it does not exist in the Sacred Writings. But they add an unproven ideology including speculation without demonstrating the foundation when they say " understand the position of senator " 1, when at no time does the text talk about such a position, not even in every work does it mention the position of senator. On this website, the dissent movement generates statements that are not substantiated when it mentions " Such functions or political positions end the legislative exercise, the act of legislating, of making laws " 1 , it has been proven using the Bible that the act of legislating does not only comprise positions politicians, and therefore man can participate in legislation through " intellectual greatness ", as the Bible has " intellectual greatness ", to the point of being the basis of many laws.

Such a person mentions that in the texts, that Ellen is talking about the position of senator, when the text has nothing of this affirmation. After the website makes a speculative and unfounded analogy generating the ambiguity it determines, " which states in the first quote, literally contradicting the second " 1 , when the author's speculation was that a setback was formed.

Such a case occurs due to not complete textual analysis, that is, a detailed examination on the subject would demonstrate, the difference between " in the making of laws for the nation ", and " political struggles ", to obtain political positions. But the desire to find texts of condemnation, make the person not want to build, but to destroy the concept.

The biblical concept of love aims to observe all factors with a merciful eye, and to give time for examination to see if it is so, always trying to seek the most favorable side to love, but never denying the truth.

In other words, it is necessary to carry out an entire analysis only after showing, without any shadow of possibility, that such statement is unquestionably so, if there is a possibility on the side of non-condemnation, this is the side that must be exposed.

Therefore, in Ellen's texts there is no " position of senator, as well as that of deputy and councilor " 1 , this is a mental elaboration of the website's author, since it is possible to participate " in the drafting of laws for the nation ", without participating in such positions, using only " intellectual greatness ".


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