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As we begin this study on the visions of the prophet Daniel, the following passages of the Scripture of Truth will be highlighted as a fundamental principle for the interpretation of the Prophetic History : Deut. 4: 2; Ecl. 7:27; Is. 8: 10,13; 46: 8-10; Dan. 10:21; Luc. 24:27, 44 and 45; John 16: 13-15; 2Peter 1: 19-21; Apoc. 1: 1 and 2; and, also, we affirm that - the prophecy manifests its literal fulfillment in History - Elohym speaks before the Historical Fact happens , and when it happens, it becomes a Milestone in the History of Humanity - in the History of Nations ; because it is an important milestone in the Elohym Prophetic Calendar -the Scripture of Truth .
The purpose of Elohym, with regard to the prophecies, is that His watchmen may know the signs of the times and "blow the trumpet" to warn those who are sleeping, of the danger of not knowing Elohym and His Shelter, the Rock Eternal.
On the other hand, we inform that in this study, the objective is not to analyze, exegetically, all the verses. However, it is our duty to analyze very carefully the points that are essential to better understand the Historical Landmarks of these visions in the book Daniel . However, where there is a need, in view of the various translations and the change of meaning that may occur, we will make an exegesis to better understand the Sacred Text and the Historical and Prophetic Landmarks.
On the other hand, we do not intend to scientifically prove the authenticity of these Elohym Prophetic Writings. However, because we are studying about them, we are proving the veracity of the Historical Landmarks that were registered in them . However, we must use the popular saying: " every translator is a traitor ". This, due to lack of adequate word (s) in our language so that they could be translated according to the original meaning.
Therefore, as a result, the translator ends up transmitting a strong cultural, ideological, philosophical and doctrinal load to his disciples in his translation. This does not imply that the translator used it in bad faith. And, yes, that he transmitted his life in translation "Because, as he thinks to himself, so it is. " (Prov. 23: 7). " For what is abundant in the heart, that is what the mouth speaks about. The good man brings good things out of his good treasure, and the bad man treasures bad things "(Matt. 12: 34-35).

The visions of the prophet Daniel , is a study that has several objectives, among them, to enumerate the visions of the referred prophet and the several Hebrew words used by him, and translated by the word vision in Dan. 7; by " vision ", " vision " and / or " appearance ", in Dan. 8, 9, 10 and 11. Therefore, in the course of the study, we will realize, that the prophet Daniel had only the visions (chez and wê) of chapter seven and the vision (chāzôn) of chapter eight. In chapter nine and chapter 10, the angel Gabriel, appears to the prophet Daniel, to explain prophetic visions to him. In chapter nine the angel says that he came to give him understanding, in a wayvision (mare "eh), Dan. 9:23. In chapter 10, the angel Gabriel, also, told him that he came to give an understanding of the vision (chāzôn), in this case, that of chapter eight and possibly some details of the chapter 7. However , in chapter ten, the words " appearance ( vision ) - (mare" eh) "Dan. 10: 1; vision (mare "â) Dan. 10: 7, 8; vision " (mare "â) and Dan. 10:16. Since in these last three verses , the Hebrew word is the same: (mare" â). This leads us to understand , that the prophet Daniel addressed in Dan. 10: 1 (mare "eh) the same subject as Dan. 8:26 (mare" ēh), Dan. 8:27- (mare "eh), which is the same as Dan. 9:23 (mare" eh).
Now, in this introduction, of this study, two important citations will be presented, referring to Historical Landmarks . The first are the words of the Jewish sage, the educator, teacher and lecturer, Moshe Grylak, taken from the book: "Reflections on the Torah."

"As in every great story, we find â € ¦" little facts " hidden behind the main headlines . The effects and moral vigor of these facts are not necessarily less than those of central history, nor are their teachings less valuable. In our study, we’ll look at these â € ¦ " minor " episodesof this story. " ( GRYLAK , Moshe. REFLECTIONS ON THE TORAH. 1st ed. São Paulo" SP, Editora e Livraria Sêfer Ltda., 1998. p. 73.).

The second is from another writer and teacher.

"Spread over the period , there are some prominent Landmarks , which should guide us on the right path, just as buoys guide ships and multidirectional transmitters guide planes."

"Daniel ... contains many details . ... But don't be discouraged. God loves the details.

Scientists inform us that each raindrop that falls during a storm contains at least 100 billion atoms. And each atom is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. In turn , each proton and neutron is likely to be composed of three infinitesimally small particles, which spin in high rotation and resemble a top and are called ⠀ ¢ "quarks" . "" ( MAXWELL , C. Mervyn. Uma Nova Era According to Daniel's Prophecies. 1st ed. Tatuí "SP, CPB, pp.295 and 296.).

According to these two writers, History is a great chain of details and small facts, which are as important as the whole that is intended to be described. Since History is a set of historical facts, the profound lack of understanding of these will leave Prophetic History, in its principle and content, unintelligible.

Before them, the Messiah had already stated:
Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets . I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill For verily I say unto you , Till heaven and earth pass away, in no wise pass from the law a single i or a single tilde , until everything is fulfilled . Anyone who violates one of these commandments , however small, and thus teaches men, will be called the least in the kingdom of heaven ;but he who fulfills and teaches them will be called great in the kingdom of heaven "(Matt. 5: 17-19" AVR).
Therefore, we must heed the Messiah's warning: "I tell you this now before it happens , so that, when it happens , you believe that I AM ". "I told you now, before it happens , so that when it does , you believe ." (John 13:19 and 14:29 "BJ).

In these visions that will be studied, there is no mention of the vision that the prophet Daniel had (Dan. 2:19), regarding the interpretation of the dream and vision (Dan. 2 : 28) of King Nebuchadnezzar.


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