Factors of the action of God in relation to the preaching of Guilherme Miller

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In the texts contained in 1 we find the aforementioned " God intended to prove His people " 1 , but how did God intend to prove his people? " His hand concealed an error in the calculation of the prophetic periods. " The first question would be, was it the mistake of God or of men? We see in Miller accepted the generally accepted opinion that in the Christian era the Earth is the sanctuary " 5 , that is to say, error was a generally accepted opinion, so God did not send this error. This error was linked to the one contained in 6 in which one should not add anything that is not given, as a liar can be found.

Now knowing that God did not make the mistake, you must ask yourself Can God hide an error? Or is it God's obligation whenever someone invents an idea that is not in the Bible he has an obligation to speak?

Let's see examples: one of them is the one contained in 7 , here we have the story that the disciple John "would not die " 7 which is a mistake because Christ " did not say he would not die " 7 knowing that Jesus is the Son of God, I analyze that he is better than the angels seen 8 , since the disciples were being guided by Christ, even so they fell into the error of adding 6 and even so Christ did not speak whether John was going to die or not, so the idea of that John would not die, see that Christ said " if I want him to stay until I come, that you have it " 7 , then the idea pertinent to error 6was that Jesus would let John live until he returned and that no one has anything to do with it. Christ could quickly break the error of the saying "This saying was therefore made known among the brothers " 7 , but he did not do so in keeping with the said. So if we assume that Jesus knew whether John was going to die or not, Jesus intentionally let the disciples persist in the idea of ​​their mistake in thinking that John was not going to die.

In Job's day the pertinent idea was that God blessed the righteous with goods and cursed the wicked with suffering. When a meeting was held in Heaven, 9 Satan instigated a doubt about Job, and the Lord allowed Satan's plan to work on Job 10 without Job's knowledge of the case in Heaven 9 , the plan occurred in which Job was taken by surprise amid to strong destruction of what he had 11 , even though he did not know about the meeting in Heaven 9 , this man said 12 , seeing Satan, that his plan did not work, went to the Lord and instigated a new march against Job, which the Lord allowed without notifying Job so what happened in 13, Job without knowing the plans that were happening in Heaven 13 still had the strength to answer his wife when she referred against God as stated in 14 , therefore three friends, who prove to be friends even as marked in their sufferings marked in 15 , as it was that the pertinent idea of ​​the time was that God blessed the good and made the wicked suffer, and so it happened in the life of Job as seen in text 16 , it would be a totally new thing, and even difficult for us today, God to release Satan touching a " upright and upright man, who feared God and turned away from evil", and not even warning him about such a plan. Therefore it was God's intention that Job did not know that the direct action of torment and suffering on him was the unusual work of letting Satan apply suffering to the righteous without them knowing why.

Job even went so far as to desire death 17 , without knowing God's plan, the custom of the time was applied to Job through his friends as he says in 18 demonstrating that he who sows evil receives evil, leading Job to have evil has been done, and so seek forgiveness to be healed. In the course of the three friends always defended God that he would not apply suffering to a righteous person. Job was looking for an answer to what was happening to the point of crying out to God as he quotes in 19 , and after all this and with many defenders of God against Job God comes in a whirlwind to speak to Job 20 . After a great demonstration of the Lord's power, Job says what is contained in 21, and the Lord was angry with Job's friends who defended God, implying that Job would have made a mistake, and so Job should pray for them that God would accept 22 . In every conversation with Job, the plan that took place in Heaven 9,13 was not exposed to Job, nor did he warn Job's friends who defended God in advance of his mistake in thinking that the righteous were blessed and reaped blessings, it was it is necessary in advance to inform Job's friends that the righteous can receive extreme suffering.

So far the question is pertinent. Can God hide an error? With the texts exposed and determining them to be true, the answer is yes.

But to demonstrate a much stronger and similar concept, we must examine men's minds just before Christ's birth.

The Jewish people expected a messiah, who would be the king of Israel, neither one nor two, but everyone understood that the messiah would be the king who would deliver them from the Roman judgment. This was because the texts on the messiah revealed an idea of ​​a kingdom on earth for the simple ones who read, as text 23 quotes , there were not enough descriptions about decatenated prophecies, that is, seeing text 24 , we see a shoot from the trunk of Jesse , and we read 25 , it is natural to any Jew that the messiah would destroy the wicked, starting from their development, as a " sprout of the stump of Jesse " 24 and " will kill the wicked " 25, the Jews did not have the idea that the texts of Isaias, were linked partially in the land and partially in the renewed land 26 .

Even John the Baptist, and all the disciples understood that Christ would institute a kingdom on earth at that time, which created many difficulties, and a great disappointment on the part of most people, leaving only a few 27 .

This all happened because God did not allow the story of the two kingdoms to be told, and clearly left the differentiation between Christ in the heavenly kingdom and Christ in the earthly kingdom, his death on the cross, and his life of poverty on earth, and the decay of the Jewish leaders, with the completion of the murder of the Messiah by Israel's own leaders.

This disappointment led almost all Judea to condemn the Messiah, and only a few remained steadfast, due to faith and detachment from worldliness. God's evidence always determines the quality of the servants rather than the quantity.

So the question remains "Can God try to prove His people. His hand hid an error in the calculation of the prophetic periods. " 1 , the answer based on the previous stories is: yes he can.

Can for example God hide details of current apostasies, doctrinal changes or not, decay or not of the church or various other things that can generate doubts and perplexity and cause many people to get lost, and few believers remain in the truth? The answer to this question is also yes, God can prove his people by hiding the clear explanation of controversial points that generate strife and disagreement, so that this people can be tested, and remain firm in trusting God even through different questions.

Another pertinent question is, can a man guided by angels make a mistake?

To do this, let's look at Pedro's story. Christ asked his disciples who He was, and Peter said " You are the Christ, the Son of the living God " 28 , Christ says " Blessed are you, Simon Barjonas, because it was not flesh and blood that revealed you, but mine Father, who is in heaven ", here Peter was not being taught by angels, not even by Jesus, but by the Father of Jesus. Now with such power at Pedro's disposal, was it therefore impossible for Pedro to err in his next statements? Of course not, because after looking at it later, we find the following report 29 . Now we have a man who says " You are the Christ, the Son of the living God " 28 , to that same "" 28 , when he is speaking the truth" should be rejected by the elders and chief priests and by the scribes, that he should be killed " 29 , due to the concepts commonly accepted by the people 23,24,25,26 , who is" Son of God alive " 28 " taking him aside, he began to rebuke him " 29 , so Christ" rebuked Peter, saying: Get behind me, Satan; because you do not take care of the things that are of God, but of those that are of men. 29, was it not the Father who revealed to Peter, and was not Peter taught by Christ? And even though Peter heard this rebuke, did he accept that Christ should die? The answer is that even the death of Christ Peter put in his mind that the kingdom of Jesus was on earth for that time.

In other words, God allowed the message contained in 29 to arrive only through Christ, if such content had been sent before Christ, the position of people would be different, but God always aims to prove man's acceptance from the difficulties of life, to observe those that really do justice and walk on the unpopular truths, and this is a standard form of shaking, for sifting and revival, for the formation of Adventism.

Guilherme Miller being helped by angels 2,3,4 even like the example of Pedro, Guilherme made a mistake due to the opinion accepted at the time 5 , but either by obtaining revelation from the Father, from Jesus, or from the angels, whether Guilherme, Peter or I, everyone is susceptible to failures, and even these do not detract from the struggles that are obtained, through the shaking of difficulties.


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