God's action in 1844

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Many people dispute Ellen's writings that says:
Her hand concealed a mistake in counting prophetic periods. ... God intended that His people defrontasse with disappointment. "
If it was revealed that Jesus as High Priest, would leave the holy place for the most holy and the earthly ritual, those who receive this message, endure?
But until the days many today do not accept such a comparative system, let alone at that time.
Often God does not reveal certain things because we would not be able to accept such revelations. That is why Jesus said:
"but you cannot bear now"
The problem at the time was not the question of the verse which said that the day and the hour only the Father knows, since Jesus had not said that the day and hour of Christ's return will never be known. In other words, the scriptures accept that in some period of time the day and time of Jesus' return will be known, in the last case it will be known at the time of his return, but the Bible does not prohibit that God can reveal in a timely manner and previous. it only refers that at that moment nobody knew, but it does not determine that nobody will know.
The problem that occurred at the time is the non-acceptance of the analysis of the prophetic times determined in Daniel and Revelation, the non-acceptance of such concepts would determine the invalidation of the sanctuary ritual that occurred in heaven as found in Hebrews.
The hardness of heart was not wanting to examine Guilherme Miller's studies, and just saying it was false. Such things happen today and that is the way to perdition. it is necessary for every man to seek to analyze each concept in detail and with total openness of mind, until irrefutable positions are determined, which are for or against. The action of non-acceptance without an explanatory and detailed contrary position is just a path to disbelief.
Disbelief is what happened to a third of the angels who fell with the Dragon, since such angels did not analyze the logical facts and the bases of the factors that occurred.
God leaves open to man to examine and see between the rational choice between God and the Dragon, he does not choose an irrational acceptance, on the contrary he refutes irrationality, we must have rational worship and not irrationality.
The mistake of the men of the time was to remain in their irrationality and ignorance regarding the concepts exposed by Guilherme Miller, and in all times the great problem of perdition is the acceptance of irrationality and ignorance about themes that must be analyzed.
That is why anyone who seeks to remain in his irrationality, and seeks to ignore any study to understand the truth, is bored to fall into perdition, because sooner or later he will ignore the path of his salvation, and will find the perdition to do as he did. Dragon that heard only his own voice.
The men of the time who did not accept to study the themes of Guilherme Miller were like Satan listening only to his own voice.


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