Colonizing Mars

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Much is said about colonizing the planet Mars, but how this colonization would be possible. We can try the wrong way or the right way. Usually the right way does a lot more work, but it is always much more viable in the end, than great risks of not working.

First, we must make Mars look like Earth. The mass of the earth is approximately 6 times 10 to 24 kilograms gram, and that of Mars 6 times 10 to 23 kilograms gram. So the earth is 10 times more massive than Mars, so we need to match the masses. How to do this? Capturing the asteroids, from the asteroid belt, especially those with more metals, and launching them on the planet. In addition to increasing mass and gravity, more atmosphere can be retained on the planet, and with increased internal pressure, it is expected to initiate a magnetic field. It may be necessary to increase the mass of the planet even more than the Earth, for this.

By trying to darken the planet, retain heat, and conserving greenhouse gases, the average temperature of the planet can be increased. Plants of smaller size and greater photosynthetic action can produce more products based on glucose to generate food and oxygen.

And so the planet can become more colonizable.

But all this work is useless, if the man is not smart enough to take care of his planet, the best possible. For he who does not take care of what is best, how can he take care of what is worse? For no one can give what he does not have.



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