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When we read the verse:
Mat_26: 34 Jesus said to him: Truly I say to you that tonight, before the rooster crows three times, you will deny me.

We can say that:

  • Peter could not deny Christ and Christ become a liar
  • If Peter did not deny Jesus, Jesus would have violated the commandment he says, you will not say false testimony,
  • If Jesus violated a commandment he would be guilty of everyone and so he would be a sinner like any man
  • If Jesus sinned, he could no longer pay the price of sin.
  • Could Peter not deny and end the salvation of the world?
  • Everyone's salvation was tied to Peter denying Jesus
  • Everyone is only saved because Jesus is not a liar
  • Peter denied Jesus 3 times. I hadn't denied it and everyone would be lost.

So we have several conditioning factors, and they all work in concert. So how can we analyze the issue? Was Peter forced by God to deny? Or did Peter deny why God knew him?

An example. A man has a son and tells him not to eat the sweets in a jar, and the father leaves his son at home and drives with his wife. The wife says. - You think our son will not eat the sweets.

The father says: - He will eat the sweets I know him, but he will eat as much as he thinks we will not notice. If I said to eat a little bit, he would eat more than half the pot.

Upon returning the son had eaten the sweets but just as the father had defined.

Did the Father force the son to eat the sweets? or did the father know what the son was going to do?

Now the logic is that the father knowing the son knew what he was going to do.

Currently in population surveys we use surveys. A summary of questions that seek to determine norms or customs that an individual or population has. So we can predict what will happen to a population. There are two considerations, accuracy and precision. Accuracy is how close to the target I hit, and accuracy is how much I hit in the same location. When I have accuracy and precision, all my shots hit the target. So research is when more people I search for, the greater my accuracy, and the more questions I ask, the greater my accuracy, if I could ask all the questions of all people, my accuracy and precision would be perfect.

Such concepts are science because man has systems of living that are linked to his character. Not that the researcher controls the respondent, only he knows the respondent, and can predict what a population will do or decide. Men are like that, research shows that men have desires and positions that he determines for himself. Knowing him only determines knowing what he has decided for himself.

So God knowing man can tell in advance what the man will do and how he will do it according to the situation this man is in. Why does God know man with infinite accuracy and precision.

Did Peter use his free will? Yes, he did. He said he would not deny Jesus and when Jesus was going to be arrested, Peter did not think of himself, and cut off the soldier's ear. But Jesus showed Peter that it was not like that. And Jesus stuck the soldier's ear. Peter was bewildered, he did not know what to think, his mind defined that Jesus would be the new King of Israel, but it was not so. In this bewilderment Peter and the disciples fled, what should they do? Jesus knowing Peter knew what Peter would decide at the time that what he hoped would not be what would happen. And so Peter denied it three times. If that happened at the moment when Christ was arrested, Peter would not deny it and could even fight with anyone who went against Jesus. But in another situation Peter would deny Jesus as he did. So is the free will of all beings,

This informs that being right involves personal struggle and not thinking that you know everything. If someone thinks that something will happen, also think that it will not happen and determine the best way for both options. As the text says:

1Co 10:12 So he who thinks he is standing, let him not fall.

This is the effect that each one should doubt the things that may happen, and try to ensure that even their goals are not in accordance with what they had foreseen, as they have already anticipated the counterfeiting of their imagination and sought correct ways for when their ideals could not be achieved. The first factor of being wrong is to think that you are undoubtedly right. We define the text that says:

1Co 8: 2 If someone cares to know something, he still does not know how to know.
1Co 8: 3 But if anyone loves God, he is known to him.

So you cannot say that you know something, you must love God and seek to know always. Because if someone thinks they know, they don't know how to know.

1Ti 1: 5 But the end of this admonition is love that comes from a pure heart, from a good conscience, and from an unfeigned faith;
1Ti 1: 6 of which some went astray, and gave themselves up to
empty speeches, 1Ti 1: 7 wanting to be doctors of the law, although they understand neither what they say nor what they so confidently affirm.
1Ti 1: 8 We know, however, that the law is good, if anyone uses it lawfully,

So knowledge is the search to understand without fixing what is known without questioning what is known.

When we read the verse:

2Pe 1:10 Therefore, brothers, seek more diligently to make your vocation and election firm; for in doing this you will never stumble.
2Pe 1:11 For thus you will be granted ample entrance into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Reading the term "seek more diligently to make your vocation and election firm", we have the word do (σπουδάζω - spoudazō - spoo-dad'-zo), which defines being committed to. This defines that the person has to be struggling, and that a stop can fall. So it links two terms. If you fight constantly you will never stumble. The question is then in the parameter do not stop. If the man for him can stumble and not saying that such a person will not fall. It is a condition between not stopping and not falling. It does not define that the person is free from sinning, he says that if he doesn't stop he is free from sinning, stopping sin.

When we read "make your vocation firm", the term "vocation" is (κλῆσις - klēsis - klay'-sis), defining the term (called). Being called, one must do steadfastly what one was called to do. If you are called to be a disciple, you must do what a disciple must do, this involves the act of applying Christ's actions in life. When the individual stops looking at Jesus in his actions he sinks. So it is linked to observe and follow, failing to follow a sin. Thus 2 Peter defines two positions, to be committed to what he was called to do, and so he will not stumble, but the moment he leaves the commitment that is defined in "diligently do firm", which is the connection term for "you will never stumble", then you stumble. A conditioning term does not define positioning.

Many people define that they know what they are and what God says, but the verse shows us the opposite.

Jer 17: 9 The heart is deceitful, above all things, and wicked; who can meet you?

It is seen several women say that God chooses such a man to be her husband for eternity, when such almost always has nothing to do with the divine choice, and they do several sins. The divine choice is how Job, or Abraham, or John the Baptist chose. The man does not get to know, because if he thinks he knows it falls in the verse: 1Co 8: 2 "If someone cares to know something, he still does not know how to know.", So the man cannot say I am elected, since he is not in Heaven to read and see what's really going on there. As the heart is deceitful, every heart will seek to tell itself that its decision is just. This does not determine that your decision is fair. The repentant malefactor who was beside the cross of Christ obtained salvation, considering that he would not be saved. The men who helped the poor reported in the apocalypse did not know that they would be saved by helping them. Salvation is like that, we do not know, nor do we know the true measures of our heart, but we struggle to reach the target, without ever believing that we have succeeded.

Man is a man, who can only change his way of seeing after being glorified. Everyone wants to think they are saved or in a special position, the Jews and Hebrews were able to say that they were special. Now we see what happened to them when they crucified Jesus. So the Bible does not put us in any better position than anyone else. Let us consider everyone equal and only God knows who we are. Who dares to say that it is examine again because they do not really know how they should know.


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