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Prohibiting the existence of a creator, is a tool to restrict the intellect to real factors of the universe. The first is that the Big-Bang cannot have existed, another is that the theory of evolution has errors, as it does not show reality, the other is the molecular machines that cannot be simplified because they do not obey evolution, and many others. On average, the non-acceptance of these facts occurs simply because of the moralizing factor placed on man. Since the beginning, man has tried to destroy the moralizing systems that govern the health and mental evolution system, towards a system based on pleasures, drinks and other things. God is eternal because he is composed not of matter.

By the laws of physics all objects produced have a beginning. But every universe has an eternal component that is independent of time. That component is information. Every universe has temporal phases, but there is a timeless phase that permeates all of it.

The universe is being analyzed in expansion, while the universe can move from phase 1 to phase 2, the information does not pass from one point to another in time.

Information is the immaterial, and controlling, characteristic. Information exists before and exists after the universe. By the characteristic that the information must exist and that it is not developed, it declares the eternal characteristic of the information. The basis of the information refers that the information cannot be created or destroyed. This is a component that exists in all of the detectable dimensions and permeates the other theoretical dimensions.

The greatest paradoxical concept in the universe is the existence of non-evolutionary knowledge. So every universe exists complete in every universe, all timeless information is determined to exist before matter and after matter without evolution.

So God is all information in the universe, he is timeless because he is the complete information of everything. If one idealizes that an individual is conscious when his information system is at a value, the sum of all the information would generate a being with all consciousness. Thus, by the existence of information in the universe, the existence of God is determined as the being composed of all information.

So if there is awareness on a partial level of knowledge, awareness on the total set of knowledge is mandatory.

Anthropocentrism will deny information that can take man out of the center. If something determines superior to man, anthropocentrism will prohibit this concept. Even though it knows that it is infinitely complex, and that man is only part of it, anthropocentrism will illusively define that everything else is inferior to itself. The so-called arrogant and overbearing faith to always consider yourself the center of the universe.


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