The Big Bang did not arise without interference

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People develop several theories and they all try to ignore the creation factor. The most accepted theory worldwide is the Big Bang. Among other theories we have the cold Big Bang. Experiments determine that the moment in the universe was hot, and determine the following form of cooling.

This formula demonstrates that the shorter the time, the higher the temperature, to the point of idealizing time 0, with infinite temperature. It is closely linked to the expansion of the universe, determining the reduction of the temperature of the universe. Defining an area of ​​space s we have that t = 0 we have that T (s 0 ) = ∞, and that t> 0 defines that T (s 1 ) <∞. Determining that with each passing moment the temperature peaks become smaller. So while the energy variation goes up or down it never reaches the maximum value of the previous value.

Theory mentions that Gravitational, Weak, Strong and Electromagnetic Forces, at a temperature of 10 32 K, are united to a single force. If at this temperature the forces come together, then these forces are no longer felt as we know them. So the universe cannot generate temperatures of 10 32 K demarcating that really T (s 1 ) <∞. If there were such an energy he would be violating laws as it would determine the energy in Plank time Plank time. If such energy were possible to exist in the current universe, the quantum theory would be invalidated. More than that when confronting general relativity, we have that gravity alters time.

When gravity is extremely strong, what is the temperature of a particle and its effect with gravity.

Temperature is a measure of particle kinetics, and is governed by the formula:

When gravity is extremely strong, time is reduced, and so is temperature. If gravity affects the temperature, how can the temperature group the Gravitational, Weak, Strong and Electromagnetic Forces.

Demonstrating that the Big Bang cannot have existed. Since black holes, which are black stars, cannot increase their density. Demonstrating that there is a compression limit.


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