Does the term God derive from the pagan god Zeus?

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Many people want to say that the use of the word God is an abomination, because it comes from the term Zeus. And this is a big lie. We use the word God from the Greek term θεός - theos. While Zeus comes from the Greek term Δίας - días The origin of the two words, as well as διος = "divine", are descended from the Proto-Indo-European * deiwos = "bright / celestial / from the sky".

This means that after the Tower of Babel where it generated diversity of languages, one of these lineages of languages ​​went to the European region, and when such people quoted something about the sky, they spoke "deiwos", and the term God, and Zeus, arose but it never has to do with paganism. It just means that the two terms come from the idea of ​​heaven.

Hebrew is not a worse or better language than any other language. They all come from the curse in the Tower of Babel, that is, all languages ​​are curses. No language can be considered holy. The New Testament was written in Greek, but it is not less valuable than the Old Testament. And each person can read the scriptures in their own language, as long as the translation is correct.

God can be spoken in different languages ​​in different ways than the phoneme / selves / and they still designate God just because he is not Hebrew.
Sira (Persian) Golt (German) Dion (Provençal) Zung (Chinese) Lian (Peruvian) Llos (Doric) Bokh (Russian) Zeut (Egyptian) Adad (Sirio) Dios (Spanish) Goth (Teuetônico) Dieu (French) Diou ( Vandal) Rain (Indostão) Zene (Válaco) Allá (Malay) Tixo (Zulu) Alah (Arabic) English (God).

This does not mean that when speaking God in any language we are doing pagan actions, it is merely the way of speaking in another language.

Now which of the languages ​​is the Hebrew of the Old Testament, or the Greek of the New Testament? Neither. We use a Hebrew analysis for the Old Testament and a Greek analysis for the New Testament. Thus, the use of languages ​​is free, since they all come from the Tower of Babel in the same way.

The New Testament therefore validates that Theos - God can be used to designate the divine entity.


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