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Leviathan in the Bible comes from Hebrew.


A squirming animal, a snake, a dragon.

Which has root in the term.


Referred to string, or thin. In other words, the term Leviathan has to do with a snake-shaped being.

We have the verses about Leviathan

  • Job 3: 8 Curse it those who curse the days, who are adept at raising up leviathan.
  • Job_41: 1 Will you be able to hook the leviathan with a hook, or pinch its tongue with a rope?
  • Psa_74: 14 You crushed the heads of the leviathan and gave it to the inhabitants of the desert for food.
  • Psa_104: 26 There go the ships, and the leviathan you formed to play in it.
  • Isa_27: 1 In that day the Lord will punish the leviathan, the fugitive serpent, with his big and strong sword, and the leviathan, the tortuous serpent; and kill the dragon, which is in the sea.

We have the following feature about Leviathan. We have, for example, the serpent, as a parallel to the dragon.

  • Rev_12: 9 And the great dragon, the ancient serpent, which is called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world, was precipitated; he was precipitated on the earth, and his angels were precipitated with him.
  • Rev_20: 2 He arrested the dragon, the ancient serpent, which is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years.

Between the verses of Leviathan and the Serpent of Eden we have that they are part of the same thematic connection. The serpent being the ancient dragon, and Leviathan the dragon of the sea.

Dragon comes from the Hebrew term.

תּנּים תּנּין
tannı̂yn tannıym

It involves a sea monster, which twists like string and is thin.

Their connection is with the foundations of evil, such as Babylon, the Devil, Satan. It therefore involves the connection with the Tree of Science of Good and Evil. And the action of crawling. Connecting the term snake for both, but detailing Leviathan with stronger and more monstrous characteristics.

The question involves, whether Leviathan is a simple animal, or something else. Leviathan can be seen in both ways. It represents evil, and has a prominent focus on evil in prophetic images. It also represents a large animal. It is not known whether extinct, or just a mere sea snake. Some communities determine with the crocodile, but the Hebrew term refers to the snake and not the crocodile. The representation of the animal involves the forces of evil. Using their symbolism involves looking for such entities. Therefore, one must understand its physical form, but understand its representative system.

When we speak of BaalZebube, we have the following meaning.

בּעל זבוּב
ba‛al zebûb

Concerning Lord Mosca, the god of Ecron, concerning the deity of the dead. So they had the concept that flies were the connections between the dead, because when the flies died, they settled on the dead. And the sick were also committed to flies.

2Ki 1: 2 Now Ahaziah fell through the bars of his high room in Samaria, and fell ill; and he sent messengers, saying to them, Go, and ask Baal-Zebube, God of Ekron, if I will be healed of this disease.

Thus the representation is connected to the physical part of the action. We must therefore take into account that even all beings have their animal system, their representation cannot be ignored.


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