The new moon in the celestial kingdom

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Several questions are formed about the question of ordinance laws, and the Sabbath of creation, and heavenly rituals.

In the verse of Isaiah 66:23 we have a definition that in the celestial kingdom, both on the weekly Sabbath and on the monthly new moon, everyone would worship.

Thus, every Saturday would go to the Holy City, for a sacred action, and also every month. The point is that the month defined by the new moon, and the Saturday are not in sync.

The moon has an orbit around the earth divided into sidereal, and synodic. The sidereal has a period of 27,322 days, and the synodic period of 29,530 days. If Saturday were in sync with the moon, the lunar orbit would be 28 days. Thus, it would be between the sidereal orbit and the synodic orbit.

The orbit of the moon is linked to the distance from Earth, and the tides cause the moon to move away. Thus, the moon is slowly moving away from Earth. And it is very clear that the lunar cycle is very close to reaching a synchrony with the weekly cycle.

When we analyze the Earth, after the return of Christ, we have the verse in Isaiah 65:17 , saying that God will create new heavens and a new Earth, we can observe an idea of ​​synchrony and organization between the times of weeks, months and years. In fact, Isaiah speaks of new heavens and earth, almost in the same place that he talks about new moon and Saturdays.

Thus, what we have clearly is that, being the Earth organized and synchronized, the new moon will be counted in 4 weekly cycles. Thus, each week will meet in the holy city, and each 4 weekly cycles will define the new moon, which is also a Saturday, so that the annual cycle will also be synchronized.



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