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Matthew 24 is a chapter in which Jesus mixes the near future, from the year 30, to the distant future, from the period near the day of the Lord. We can read in Matthew 24:12, that wickedness would multiply and love would cool off almost everyone. Currently we see evils, which are not resolved, always involving powerful people. An example is the destruction of nature, in which no one is condemned, and those who will suffer will be those of the next generation. As a result, the generation no longer believes in justice for the powerful, and that nothing they do can change the evil. And so the love cools. Each looking at their own wants, not the need of the other. This is the generation that is being formed.

A generation in which everyone must fight for themselves. And that the suffering of the other, is merely a number on a table, or merely a scenario of a game in which the characters who are not main, must suffer.

This type of generation loses any kind of belief. Everything becomes now, being alive is all you need, there is no morality, there is no such thing as unallowed, everything that involves pleasure is sought. And so without faith we can see the text in Luke 18: 8 which says that when Christ comes he will find faith on earth. Thus, one of the most significant marks of Christ's return is disbelief. Thus, the more you multiply the knowledge of God, the stronger the disbelief in God becomes.

With each passing day, more and more, the new generation loses faith, that God exists, or that it has to have rules in relation to how each lives. As the evil of the powerful multiplies, without condemnation, then more and more becomes unbelief in God.

Daniel 12: 4 mentions that science would multiply, and this was linked to the time when they would understand Daniel's writings. We are in the greatest phase of multiplication of science, but with the formation of a generation that does not delve into this knowledge.

We can still observe in second Peter 3: 3, that in the last days there would be an increase in mockery, and that mockery has clearly developed against the Christian religion. Especially for those who seek to tell men to stop committing sins. In this way, we have that mockery makes the mocker insensitive to God's messages, coming through the Holy Spirit.

Thus we have love cooling, faith ending, even with a great increase in science. So it shows clear signs of Christ's coming.


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