The tree of life

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Gen 3:22 Then said the Lord God, Behold, man has become like one of us, knowing good and evil. Now, let it not happen that he stretches out his hand, and takes also from the tree of life, and eats and lives forever. 

This verse says that there is a tree of life, and that if you eat the fruit you get eternal life. What does this verse mean? That there is a fruit that man eats he obtains eternal life. It doesn't matter if he knows good or evil.

What is the fruit? The fruit is a food, we eat fruits every day, we eat and acquire substances to live. What we eat can have different effects. If we drink too much wine, we get drunk, because of alcohol, certain foods have calming characteristics like passion fruit, others are stimulants like guarana, or chocolate. Food changes our ways of living, what we eat shows who we are, and what we have become.

So God created us, with the ability to be changed according to what we bring into us. There are costs and benefits, for example coffee helps circulation, but it damages the nervous system. Guarana helps in the capacity of the active phase, but after the period of this active phase, the body neuroactively decays for a period.

Thus, eating the fruit of good and evil generated factors that made man understand what is good and what is evil, with the characteristic of not having a training capable of only doing good, and thus generating evil. Our body was created in order to be changed according to what we do. Be good or bad.

God created a tree that has properties that generate life, the eternal use of these fruits generates eternal life. What does that mean? That is to say that there are products that when eating with them the person can acquire more life. Why God created us with this ability.



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