Flood, earthquakes and rain

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And God said, Gather the waters under the heavens in one place; and the dry portion appears; and so it was.

The logical characteristic of the formation of the continents is found in the pressure of magma on the upper rock, raising the earth over the waters, and distributing

And God called the  dry land Earth; and the gathering of the waters called Mares; and saw God that it was good.

When the separation between water and dry portion was made, the surplus water was put below the ground, with the function of forming mineral water sources on the land, irrigation of the soil, and thermal balance.

With a large concentration of water below the ground, there would be no major temperature differences, as the water would tend to balance the temperature.

With a very large water table, there would be many sources of water, generating a highly irrigated and fertile land.

This sheet in contact with deeper parts of the soil, would tend to cool the crust, and would release steam over the earth to irrigate it.

In other words, in a project to have a well-planned planet, a lot of water would be included between the earth's crust and the hottest parts of the earth's interior.

When God's ruach was hovering over the earth, the earth was surrounded by gases, there was no firmament, that is, the atmosphere was full of steam. This was due to the heating of the liquid by the magmatic crust of the bottom, forming gases, and making the planet visibly similar to the planet Venus.

With the formation of the soil and the seclusion of a large amount of water up the earth, it generated a balance for not forming a planet with a densely gaseous atmosphere. and making a balance between the heat of the deep parts of the earth's crust, the soil and the atmosphere.

If the water were removed from the center of the earth's crust, the internal heat would increase, and the pressure would increase causing the release of gases from the depths of the earth's crust, thus forming earthquakes.

It would also form a temperature imbalance, forming very hot places and very cold places.

For the flood to occur, it was necessary to release the water from the sheets in the form of water and water vapor, which condensed at high altitudes, and modified the atmospheric constitution in relation to the vapor concentration. And so a great rain occurs, that when falling it tends to cool again the places of the crust that were in great temperature.

Over time, the water becomes lodged in the crust spaces, and the water level drops again.


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