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Cosmology is the attempt to understand the universe. Cosmology accepted 2 second millennium BC, this was it.
In it we have the depths, the surface, the firmament and the sky or dome. In it there is an ocean in which the gods sailed, and the stars were the brightness of the gods.
Apart from this cosmology, nothing else existed. Does the bible accept this kind of cosmology?
The answer is no. In biblical cosmology you don't navigate heaven. Logically, as the bible is monotheistic, an extremely unique concept in ancient times, this does not accept the existence of deities. Nor does it determine that the gods are the embodiment of nature.
But there is something much more interesting. See the cosmology of the ancient world. Now watch this text.
Deu_10: 14 Behold, the heaven and the heaven of the heavens, the earth, and everything in it are from the Lord your God.
The bible two thousand years before Christ determines the existence of a heaven above heaven. This is the region we now call outer space. The reference to a heaven above the heavens is totally contrary to the cosmology accepted at the time. Showing that the bible has a unique cosmology in relation to the cosmology of the time. It cannot be said that the cosmology accepted at the time is the cosmology of the Bible, because the Bible defines things that are not accepted by ancient cosmology. And again the bible is right in the existence of a heaven above heaven, which only in modern times can prove. There is no basis that the bible evolved and determined the existence of a heaven above heaven. So the information that there is a sky above the sky, is unique, and more, it appears as if someone already knew the current cosmology, 4 thousand years ago.

This is the cosmological image normally accepted by people 4,000 years ago, we must now determine what the Bible says about this cosmology.
The bible determines that the celestial dome meets the ground. Not at all, because God separated the waters above those below, if somewhere the dome connected the water, then there would be no separation. Therefore, the bible does not accept the cosmological image of 4 thousand years.
The ancient cosmological image determines that there is nothing above it. But the Bible says that there is a heaven above heaven. And this is the sky of the heavens, or outer space. Where the stars are.
Even though it was written 4 thousand years ago, even though all the surrounding nations, accepted a mistaken cosmological view, the bible defined a cosmology much more advanced than that which existed in other peoples.


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