Uniting those you love

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For those who believe in the existence of God.
The logic is that we do not live in a universe that emerged by the law of chaos. It is a universe that emerged under the law of order.
But man was given the right to choose between chaos, or order.
Chaos involves destruction, it involves irrationality, it involves evil.
Order directly involves the concept of love, but love is not the irrational concept, because everything that is irrational is not love.
I once said to someone that there is no harm that does not end. In fact, the evil factor is self-destruction.
And even though there is evil, good can only generate good.
But this system of generating good, even if others generate evil, is only possible with logic, if it accepts the existence of a universal entity.
The act of defining that men are servants of other men, under pressure from groups, this defines the foundation of evil. That nothing but the will to subdue the will of the other.
Nowadays the love of society has been cooling, many like to humiliate others to feed their own ego.
But time goes by, and everyone gets older, and over time psychological isolation dominates, because in the absence of love, there is no sharing.
So those who love and seek the good must unite, and distance themselves from those who seek to subject others.
The treasure in life is to find people you love, and never leave them. While those who do not love, we must distance ourselves. It is extremely dangerous to be around people who don't love others.
A person who loves, cares about what the person thinks, gives advice to improve, and supports overcoming mistakes and challenges. Never lose these people, because the world is so bad that you may never find another one.
No matter the distance, no matter the difficulties, always be connected to people you love, and always seek to distance yourself from those you don't love.
Usually a lot of people, it is a sign of a lot of hypocrisy. And few people who care for each other are much better than thousands of people around.
Never seek too many things, always seek many feelings, challenges, and knowledge.
The real direction of life is to love and seek the one you love. And every religion, and every concept of an ordering entity, is linked in love. And so if there is a reward, that reward will only come through love.


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