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Azazel, due to its Biblical construction, is defined as a proper name. Its appearance as a biblical term appears in Leviticus 16: 8, 16:10, and 16:26.
But Azazel's definition is a name that predates the period of Moses. Its allusion to other peoples determines the name of a demonic entity, and this one in counterfeit, with the name of God. And it occurs at the final point of the Atonement for sins in the sanctuary ritual.
Sins were defined for God, and then for the goat for Azazel, and that goat was to die alone in the desert, without the action of any man.
According to apocryphal and rabbinic literature, Azazel is in the classification of very old demons. It is defined as the personification of impurity, where the goat is directed. Generating the idea that the impurity returns to its producer.
Usually the sacrifice is made in praise of the entity, but in this case, the goat to Azazel is not sacrificed, it is just sent. In the absence of sacrifice, such an entity is not praised. In fact, the concept is the opposite of praise.
In the book of Enoch, he reiterates that Azazel, is the leader of the rebel giants, before the flood. He being the one who teaches evil, like war, and lust. Still in Enoch he defines that Azazel would be bound and chained, and would remain in darkness until the day of Judgment, when he would be thrown into the fire.
Azazel's idea, as a seducer of Men and Women, was a common idea among rabbis.
Azazel is idealized as the main class of demons from ancient Semitic cultures.
The clearest form of Azazel is that his home is in the desert. In all the analyzes of that name, we see his address in rocky deserts.
We can see this fact in the biblical verse, in which Jesus was taken to the desert and met with Satan.
In Matthew 4: 1 we observe that Jesus was sent to the desert to be tempted by the devil. We see a parallel of Azazel, the desert demon, with the text contained in Matthew. The other gospels cite the same fact. Clearly demonstrating that the demon was in the desert.
Thus there is a clear link between Azazel, and the concept of evil, which cannot be canceled.
Thus Azazel, it is the being that tempts the human being to commit sin, so that being is what Eve tried, and in the apocryphal books, it defines how those who taught people before the flood to do evil, until they were killed by flood.
Azazel, therefore, is the leader and promoter of all sins committed.


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