Why does God not show up II?

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Many people wonder why God does not appear?
But don't ask yourself, what is God's purpose to present? We could say so.
God would appear to bring order to the world.
Yes, this is a good answer, with an aggravating factor, such a way of acting would be an imposition, that is, those who would not follow what God determines would be punished or killed. So is this world that God would want? A world in which people would obey out of fear? God would not want such a world, because there would be people who would always be thinking of plotting against God, or would consider God a slave.
So the non-direct presence of God is like a father who leaves his children to take care of the house, some can be good children, others cannot. But each child chooses to follow or not to follow freely. So it is in the world. People are free to accept living correctly or incorrectly, free from imposition. A stronger son may force a weaker son to do what he does not want, the weaker son may wish to wait for the righteous father, or choose to do the same as the strongest. This demonstrates character, and this determines whether an individual would accept to live the divine norms freely or in the form of imposition.
As the right way of living leads to living more, and the wrong way leads to destroying oneself and their fellowmen, so in a period all destructive individuals receive what they seek to destroy, and the rest do not need to impose to do what it is good, because they would be aware of what is good and what is bad. Thus God manages a free world that seeks only evolution without destruction, without forcing anyone to obey its rules. In other words, naturally the person who suffers from the judgment of a bad person, learns that being bad is bad, while the bad is naturally destroyed.
That is why God does not appear to impose his will on all beings on Earth.
Why most men don't do God's will.
We must understand that God's will is the right life. Correct in every way, in health, morals, nature and so many other factors. For example, why does man destroy nature? Man destroys nature to make a profit in order to have tools to satisfy his pleasures.
Now and what is pleasure? Pleasure is the desire to do what is desired by means of your inner goals.
An ecologist can take pleasure in camping in the middle of nature and bathe in waterfalls and streams. A businessman, on the other hand, may consider this terrible, and prefer his hot tub. The question is, what is the consequence of each pleasure. A correct ecologist tries to live in search of a symbiosis with nature, but the entrepreneur on average tends to alter nature, destroying it according to his will.
An ecologist tries to know nature and obey the laws that make it alive. The normal entrepreneur tends to destroy nature and build according to his own inner visions and wishes regardless of the outside.
So pleasure is not wrong as long as the individual's interior is bound to obey what is good. And what is good? Good is everything that generates symbiosis with natural laws, in order to help the greatest number of beings, in the best possible way, for the longest time imaginable.
But the big problem is in selfishness, this is the principle that makes most people not follow God's way. And what is selfishness? Selfishness is the imposition of my inner world against the evolution of the outer universe. How would it be? If I throw garbage on the street, I am polluting nature and forcing others to suffer from this problem, and that is going against the evolution of the outer universe, and that is selfishness. So that everything that is not good is selfishness. Since the Good is everything that generates symbiosis with natural laws, in order to help the greatest number of beings, in the best possible way, for the longest time imaginable.


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