Did Jesus have brothers?

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Some religious groups, closely linked to mystical concepts, seek to define that Mary, mother of Jesus, would not have had children. This does to create a mysticism that virginity is a sacred effect, or something that manages holy purity. It is easy to understand that such a thing is linked to a pagan mystical system, and not to a biblical system. Virginity in the biblical system is only important in the concept that men and women have only one partner during their lifetime. For God created man and woman to procreate, and that procreation defined in the Bible is defined through sexual relationship. So sex in the correct biblical way is holy, not failing to do so.
Even so, these religious groups, in an attempt to preserve their doctrines related to paganism, developed the idea that Mary would only have had Jesus as a son, and remained a virgin. Defining that this would generate a system of mystical power, which would make her a saint. Pagan doctrines define virgin sacrifices as systems of power, which clearly shows that the foundation of virginal need is merely a pagan concept. The Biblical concept involves right actions, not imaginations of mystical powers.
We can read in Matthew 12:46, that Jesus' brothers and their mother wanted to talk to Jesus. And how would these groups go against a text that says that Jesus had brothers? These groups define that in Aramaic there is no distinction between cousins ​​and brothers. And this is true, in Aramaic there is no definition of separation between cousin and brother. The big problem is that the New Testament texts were written in Greek, and Greek makes a difference between cousin and brother, and in the verse we quote, the term is really brother. Defining that Jesus had brothers.
The Greek term is Adelphos (80), which defines the term for brothers, which clearly demonstrates that Jesus had brothers. In fact, what we have to analyze is that mystical systems are clearly of pagan origin. And that the biblical system, defines that doing right is the foundation of God's power in man. Not by mystical rituals, but by the rational determination of a higher entity. So there is no power in drawings, in rituals, in bodies, or a mixture of products. Such a system of power is granted by decision, from someone who has power and grants it to another, through a rational and understandable action.
Thus, there is no biblical problem that Mary had other children after Jesus. This problem only exists because of people with mystical thoughts.


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