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In the scriptures we can read about the glorious body, reading the verse in Philippians 3:21, we have that Christ will transform the bodies of men into glorious bodies, like his own body. The glorious term in this text is in Greek, and means "doxa" G1391 from the same doxology term, or defining a system of connection to the divine. But this body linked to God does not make man the Most High, but generates definite characteristics. And for this analysis, we have to analyze the foundation of the textual construction of the Bible. The Bible in the New Testament was formed by old texts, we have the "Textus Receptus", "Textus Bizantinus" and the "Alexandrians" and older pieces. The "Texts Receptus" and "Bizantinus" are linked to the Catholic Church, while the "Alexandrians" and ancient parts, are prior to Catholic texts. Normally the texts considered altered, have additions, and in the text of Philippians 3:21 we have these texts that have in the Catholic documents, but are not found in the Alexandrians.
Note that the addition is linked to Christ's reference. In the part where it says that the body of man will be equal to the body of Christ, and the term subordinate all things to itself. In this context, the choice between defending that man will resemble the body of Christ is a serious compendium of acceptance, between defending that the addition is the real, and the non-addition is the false. And to defend that the text passed by the Catholic Church is correct, what did not pass is wrong.
We must understand that the existence of God is undeniable, but we must have enough knowledge to know what we are reading, and the origin of what was obtained. So it is wiser to understand that the glorious body is a body connected to God than to imagine many mystical concepts about the glorious body, it is systematically irrational.
We can read these characteristics in First Corinthians 15:53, which defines that the corruptible body is put on incorruptibility, here the term corrupt means that it is destroyed. Thus it defines a body that is not destroyed. The putrefaction of the body is defined as corruption of the body, so in the biblical concept incorruptibility is the non-rotting of the body. Many people define what incorruptibility it would be to not commit sin. But if such a body were possible, it would be better to grant it to Adam and Eve, so that every human being would not be in sin. Furthermore, if a body that cannot sin was real, it should have been given to Lucifer and he would not have sinned. In fact, such an idea would automatically violate free will.
In fact, we still have the question of immortality, in which the body that receives the presence of God receives. It must also be understood that it is possible, biblically speaking, to live eternally with sin. We can read this in the verse of Genesis 3:22 in which God says that if a man ate of the fruit he would live forever in sin. In fact, we must accept that God's statement is reliable.
And because of that we can still read a verse in Revelations of Revelation 22: 2 that says that the Tree of Life will bear its fruit, and the leaves are for the healing of the people. In this part of the book, one is talking about life in the celestial kingdom, after what is defined in Corinthians 15:53. So we have leaves from the Tree of Life, and Fruits of Eternal life as mentioned in Genesis 3:22.
It is indeed an extremely big problem to define what life in the celestial kingdom will be like. Every trip beyond what is written is extremely dangerous. If it is already difficult to understand life on earth that we live in, imagine understanding life on renewed earth. To get an idea, about immortality, we can read the verse first to Timothy 6:16 which says that the only one who has immortality is the One who lives in the inaccessible light. So the immortality of beings is dependent, in fact all beings are dependent, and will be dependent, and the whole concept of existence remains dependent on obedience. In this way the existence of the Tree of Life is a clear demonstration of dependent eternal life. Which again refers to God's plan for man in the Garden of Eden.


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