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Many people consider religion to be something for ignorant people, but the opposite is the case. Religion is indeed for people with great knowledge. It is very easy to believe in nothing, and it is also very easy to believe in nothing. It is difficult to believe in something rationally.
Look, it's easy not to believe anything, because you don't have to think, just don't believe. Many people who live without direction, or people who try to escape from reality, with drinks or narcotics, such people usually do not believe in anything. And not believing anything is the principle of depression. Faith breeds hope, while disbelief breeds the opposite. That is why it is very easy not to believe anything, and this is very much linked to the individual's ignorance. Especially in what you define by love. When the individual thinks that understanding love is easy, it is a sign that he does not know how to differentiate love from passion. Understanding love is very complicated.
And believing in anything is also very easy. Many people are in religion and do not know why they are there, they just are. If you carefully analyze why they are following such a religion, they would express the same mixture between passion and love. So those who believe in nothing are merely in love with their religion. Passion is foolish, arrogant and destructive.
Thus true religion is linked to Love, a principle and not a feeling. Love is a rule for people to improve. Love scolds, and love also supports, love can make you suffer, but it rejoices in the happiness and improvement of the other. Love does not try to please, love shows reality. But it does not seek anger, it seeks understanding without denying the truth or hiding it.
So it takes a lot of knowledge to know what is right and what is wrong, it needs great wisdom not to be mistaken about the path to choose. It is necessary to analyze reality with facts, and look at the past, the present and the future to see if such things are correct. And so you can actually have religion. Thus it is impossible for true religion to be obtained by ignorant people. In fact, the foundation of religion is in love, and never in passion. In this way, only those who understand the principles of Love get a real religion.
But the majority of the population has no in-depth knowledge, and with each passing day, they are less personal, and more digital. Not that digital is wrong, but leaving the real, so that the real becomes digital, this is wrong. For the real, is what we are, is what we live, the digital is the created, the modified, and the chosen. In reality we do not choose, we accept, and when we accept, we try to adapt to the rules of reality. Whoever lives a lot in digital, when faced with reality, such a person despairs. So reality is necessary.
But without deepening knowledge, one cannot believe in something, and if one does not believe in something, life becomes just being alive, without purpose, and without direction, just the pleasure of following one day after another, seeking fleeting pleasures. . And so society is being formed, a society of people, with simple thoughts, with simple speeches, governed by simple, fast, constant pleasures. People with this kind of life, do not have time for religion, because true religion, needs a lot of reality and reflection. Two things that the majority of society does not want to do.


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