The chaff and the wheat

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Jesus proposed a parable to demonstrate the falsehoods of a Christian community, this parable is the parable of the chaff and the wheat.
In this parable the good seed that is the word of God in its correct form is first sown. And then the chaff, which is the altered word of God, is thrown, that correct word is represented by Christian messengers, and the chaff is represented by those who serve as stumbling blocks, and practice iniquity, both the chaff and the wheat look alike to be a detail, the chaff does not have the bulky grain of wheat, and this is the visible difference between wheat and chaff.
When they grow together, both wheat and chaff are similar, their difference is easily detected only when the wheat is ready for harvest, the reaper observes that the wheat has full grains, and the cob is heavy and consistent, while the chaff has withered and small grains, and light and easily brittle ear. But visually they are very similar. This parable spoken by Jesus is very significant, and profound. Wheat has large, heavy seeds, the seed is the word of God. But many consider that the word of God is the written text of the Bible.
But in fact the word of God is more than just graphic symbols placed in a book.
So the book quotes in the beginning the word existed, and the word was with God.
He was in the beginning with God, Jesus is the word of God, the seeds of the ears are the various characteristics of Jesus, such as love, joy, peace, long-standing, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness, self-control.
When the seed has a firm substance of these characteristics, it is part of an ear of wheat. But when such a seed is withered and without content, it is part of the ear of the chaff. A chaff is similar to a wheat in which its ear did not work, we will understand that only angels can describe who is the chaff, and who is the wheat. We can only view actions, which are pertinent to tares or unengaged fruits.
For example, imagine two individuals, called Christians. One is excited, talks to everyone, plays and says he likes everyone, and loves his neighbor. But he does not visit those in difficulty, nor does he bring food to the hungry. The other, on the other hand, lives happily, visits people with difficulties, and brings food to the hungry. So the first is either a chaff, or it has an unengaged seed. The second has a seed with content.


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