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To understand the Talmud we must understand its formation. The ancient reports refer that the Bible, but at that time only the Old Testament, separated into books, and with the main set of books called Torah, which means the law, was written by Moses, and dictated and inspired by God. With the formation of the kingdom of Israel, priests were formed with the idea of ​​unifying ideas about biblical texts. How does it happen? We can see this for example, with the Catholic Church, which having the Bible, creates books and interpretive rules called doctrines of the Catholic Church. On average, all churches create their doctrines, based on a conglomerate of pastors, or leaders of their church, and almost always those who do not accept such doctrines generated by their church are excluded or left out of positions in the church. And so it was the formation of the Talmud, a compilation of doctrinal ideas generated by leaders of the Jewish religion. The Talmud comprises several Judaism traditions, but the system of ideology goes back centuries before Christ. In the texts of Matthew 15 3 to 9 we find that Jesus said that traditions annulled the commandments. In this case, Jesus said that it was better to help remedy the parents' difficulties than to give money to the sanctuary and let the parents perish. Thus, both the talmud and several doctrinal books, usually have some norms that do not have the link of love, and many of them border on Esoteric. 
So in a nutshell, the Talmud is a collection of ideologies and traditions determined by Jewish leadership over a period of time.


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