What is the sixth, ninth, and eleventh hour?

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Many stories in the Bible mention the time when the facts happened, but the hours reported are mentioned differently from the times we now call them.
In the story of the lord of the vine in Matthew 20 we see clearly how the hours were called. In this case, marking the time when the owner of the field called the workers to work in the vineyard.
Observe the different hours: because the kingdom of heaven is similar to a family man who left at dawn to
hire workers for his vineyard and adjusting with the workers for a day's money he sent them to his
And leaving near the third hour, he saw others who were idle in the square and said
came and I will give you what is just and they went.
And leaving, again around the sixth and ninth hour did the same.
And leaving around eleven o'clock you met others who were idle and asked them why you are idle every day?
They said to them: because no one hired us. He says to them: Go also into the vineyard and you will receive what is just.
And the evening approached, the lord of the vineyard says to his butler: he calls the workers and pays them the newspaper,
starting with the last ones until the first.
And when those who had come close to the eleventh hour arrived, they each received money.
We noticed, however, that the owner of the vineyard left at dawn and called the workers at different times, such as: he called them at dawn to work every day. Others were called near the third hour. Still others were called around the sixth and ninth hour. And the last ones were called at eleventh hour.
There are other accounts in the Bible in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John that mention the hours in this case is reported at the time of Jesus' crucifixion and death. Let us see:
In Matthew we see the following verses:
"And from the sixth hour there was darkness over the whole earth until the ninth hour and near the ninth hour, Jesus exclaimed with a loud voice saying: Eli Eli lama sabactani, that is, my God! God Why have you forsaken me?
And Jesus crying out again with a loud voice, gave up the spirit.
In Mark we see the following verses: And it was the third hour and they crucified him.
The sixth hour arrives, there was darkness over the whole Earth until the ninth hour.
And at the ninth hour, Jesus exclaimed with a loud voice saying: Eloí, Eloí, lama sabactani, that is, my God! My God! Why did you forsake me? And Jesus shouting expired.
In Lucas, he quotes: and it was almost at the sixth hour and there was darkness all over the land until the ninth hour.
John, no different from the others, said: it was Easter preparation and almost at the sixth hour; and said to the Jews, Here is your king.
The other disciples and Jews also mentioned the hours in the same way. Let us look at an account of Paul: And the next
day they went on their way and being close to the city, Peter went up to the terrace to pray, almost at the sixth hour.
In order to understand the first hour, the third hour, and the ninth hour, we can see that the Jews had adopted the
hour count differently from many peoples today.
Many start counting the night from midnight, which has already been the middle of the night.
The day starts counting from noon, which was already half the day. Would that make sense? Start counting in the middle of the day in the middle of the night?
Unlike the Jews, it counts the beginning of the night from sunset, when the darkness of night begins and the beginning of the day from the appearance of light at dawn.
If we notice it would be logical to count the hours from the beginning of both the day and the night, right?
But the Jews do this on the basis of Genesis, see: And God saw that the light was good and made a separation between the light and the darkness. He called God to light, day and darkness, night. There was afternoon in the morning the first day.
We note that in the Bible darkness or darkness is called night. And the light is called the day, therefore according to the Genesis account, in creation God separated it into two parts at 24: darkness and light, that is, night and day.
Therefore, at the beginning of darkness the 12 o'clock at night starts and at the beginning of the light the 12
o'clock begins at day, which is why in one of your illustrations Jesus said there are no 12 hours of daylight? John 11: 9
So, the early evening starts at sunset and goes until dawn it would be around six in the afternoon until around
from six in the morning. And the day starts at dawn until sunset or from approximately 6 am to 6 pm so at dawn it was already called the first hour or first hour of the day. The third hour would be around nine in the morning. It was at this time on the day of Pentecost that the Holy Spirit was poured out when the disciples were accused of being full of sweet wine. Pedro, quickly, because an end to this accusation:
certainly, no one would be drunk anytime soon. We see in Acts 2:13 to 15
We see, therefore, that the sixth hour would be around noon, where the heat and light is greatest.
The Bible reports that at this time there was darkness, see the text: From the sixth hour there was darkness over the whole earth until the ninth hour, so we see that darkness occurred around the time of Christ's crucifixion and death. Darkness and darkness in the middle of the day until three o'clock in the afternoon, which would be the ninth hour.
In the parable of the vineyard we see that the owner called the workers at all times:
from dawn to dawn; in the third hour at 9 am; the sixth hour left at noon; and at three in the afternoon and finally called in workers at eleven o'clock. By counting we see that the eleventh hour refers to 17 hours.
So, using this hour count, we see the 12-hour division of the day that the Hebrews divided into main hours:
first hour: 6 am;
third hour: 9 am;
sixth hour: noon 12 hours;
ninth hour: at three o'clock in the afternoon;
Eleventh eleventh hour: 5 pm or 5 pm.
So, as we search the Scriptures and come across these terms of hours,
we will know how to correspond to the times we have today.


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