Mistakes in the novel Genesis: What does the Bible say about Lucifer's Wings?

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It must always be understood that the act of saying that the scriptures are true is, in the Christian concept, a good deed.
We can read in Mark 9:40, in which Jesus said that he who is not against us is for us. That is, being favorable to the existence of God helps those who are favorable to the existence of God.
But we must still see errors, and correct them. In the soap opera.
The novel portrays Lucifer with two wings. According to the Bible we read in Ezekiel 28:14, that Lucifer was an anointed cherub. So Lucifer would have to have the wings of a Cherub. And how many wings does a Cherub have?
According to Ezekiel 10:20 to 21, we have that the Cherubim have 4 wings, and the hands are below the wings, and not on the wings.
If we look at the scene, we can see that the image represents that the Cherub has two wings, contrary to what he mentions in Ezequiel, and his hands are on the upper part of the wings. Such a view is similar to the bat. But the Bible does not say that Cherubim are similar to bats.
If we look for the ancient representations about cherubs, we have the Assyrian representation, in which it describes the shape of the wings similar to that described in Ezekiel. In fact, Lucifer is defined in the Qur'an as a Genius, or Jenin, and also the descriptions of such a being in Assyrian culture are with four wings, and the hands below the wings. In fact, biblical descriptions are closely related to the archaeological system. Which demonstrates that the novel has not followed, neither the Biblical description, nor the archaeological description.
But as explained, we have that the novel for those who do not know a solid knowledge of the Bible, is a good start. But in fact, for those who have solid knowledge, it is best to remain in that knowledge, and to be careful with other information, which is not deeply analyzed. But as few people have such solid knowledge, then in the end, it becomes positive, the incentive to seek that knowledge.


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