What is it to believe in God?

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Many people do not know what it is to believe in God. Many of them think that to believe in God is to believe in their pastors. Others think it is reading the Bible. But to believe in God is to believe in those who created the universe. The pastor can lie, the Bible can be translated wrong, but the universe was not made by man.
And now how would that be in practice. In practice, the first point to believe in God is using reason. It is reason based on the logic of the universe, which defines the act of believing in God. Since God is the creator of the universe, all things are governed by laws. And the laws are the same for all things. There is no partialism in the laws. The law of gravity is for everyone. The entire universe is governed by such laws. So the basic rule of the universe created by God is to obey the laws.
Every individual, who thinks he is special, and considers that he should not follow the laws of God, is the first to not believe in God. So to believe in God is not to think that one is a god, thinking that God releases for some what he forbids for others.
To believe in God is to accept the laws as they were created, and things as they should be. So we must obey the laws of gravity, and accept them as correct. Accept the rules in the best biological way, as what should be done. So if we are to eat fruits, vegetables and cereals as the best food, then to believe in God is to follow these rules. If it is best to save water, light, and reduce any waste. So to believe in God is to follow these rules. And if the best thing for society is to love one another, then to believe in God is to love one another.
And the Bible, in all this? If a person notices for the reason that the word of God is found in different places in the Bible, then the reason for accepting such things is the foundation of believing in God. In any case, logical reason must dominate what is done.


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