Why Noah did not marry Naaman

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If we look at the genealogy of Cain and Seven, we see that Naama is of the genealogical order of the Methuselah generation. It would be as if Noah married his Grandmother.
So we must, in addition to Naama, be of the line of Cain, and being directly linked to the biblical term of Genesis as daughters of men. Still, she was much older than Noah.
Where does the idea come from that Naaman married Noah? From an apocryphal book, which Jewish groups, wanted to put a name, from a book quoted in the bible, called the book of wisdom. But this book that such Jews created is not the book quoted in the Bible. But a book in which they wanted to define changes to the Bible.
This book, called Sefer Hayashar, changes the values ​​and names of Adam's genealogy. And he develops the idea of ​​Noah having married Naama. This book was probably written in the Middle Ages, in the 1300s.
But the oldest documented text is the one found in Venice, dated 1625, and there is no report of that document before that.
So we have several factors that Noah would not have married Naama.
1. Naamá would be old enough to be Noah's grandmother.
2. Naamah was biblically placed as daughters of men, and God considered that the sons of God were degraded by marrying the daughters of men.
3. The account of Noah's marriage to Naaman exists only in an apocryphal book, which is not in accordance with the dates in Genesis.
4. If Naaman were married to Noah, his children would be in Cain's genealogy. In the same way that the information of the children of Noah occurs in Genesis 5:32.
So it is clearly observed, that Noah could not have married Naama. And what we have is that Noah married one of the daughters of God, of the descent of Sete.



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