The existence of God, can we accept that?

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#God #GodExists #ReformadoresdaSaude #IntelligentDesigner #CreatoroftheUniverse #GodsExistence #GodsAttributes #CreatingEntity #fineTuning #existenceofGood #existenceofEvil #Divinity There is only one real way to accept the existence of God, and that is for reason. But how to accept the existence of God, if he does not appear around. We can't even go to meet him. We can't even ask him different questions.
The main question is. What do people want to see God for? Usually people want to see God just out of curiosity. For what would change to see God?
We know for a reason that what is right is what God desires. If we see God then would we do the right thing? So the right thing would be for wanting something, or for fear of God. If the right thing is to do the right thing out of love, then seeing God or not seeing God would not change anything.
If we use intelligence, it would determine that God does not need anything, thus the man who needs God. But as God is the most correct being in the universe, so to look like him, you must follow the most correct form. Knowing that right is good for evolving all things, and wrong is for destruction, then it is clear that the universe has a direction that is for good.
This knowledge alone is enough to understand that God exists. If the universe did not have a direction, then doing good or evil would generate the same result, but it does not.
We have physical laws, we have complex systems, be it life or organization of the universe. The imagination that all these things came out of great luck, has become a concept of great madness. And what we have is that this universe with so much complexity, can only exist for a directed effect. This means that someone determines and directs things so that they are put that way.
With each passing day, more scientists are silent about the complex existence of the universe, and more shy away from answering questions about the singularities of the systems they have created. And they escape much more, when asked, what is the probability of this universe appearing by luck? For they know that it is impossible that the universe emerged as a random game.
So believing in the existence of God is the most rational factor. And doing good is the factor of adjusting to the universe. So to do God's will is to do good. For that, God does not need to appear. In fact, if it appears, it may happen that the person does it out of fear, or because he wants something. Doing good without wanting anything in return is the primary factor in believing in God.


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