The first cup and the plague of the Apocalypse today

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Many people question whether it is possible for Jesus to come at any time. Some religions define several events before the end comes. But is it certain that Jesus will not appear at any time?
The answer is no. For first to Thessalonians 5: 2 it says that the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night. So it is necessary to pay close attention to the prophecies.
In Revelations 16: 1 Revelations refers to seven bowls of God's wrath, which are to be poured out on the earth. The question is, when will these cups be spilled. Are they not already being poured out?
If we read in Revelation 16: 2, we have that those who have the mark of the beast received malignant and harmful ulcers. This malignant ulcer represents a disease that is contagious and is deadly.
Of the diseases that we would have most like God's will, we could have the Spanish flu. The Spanish flu was a pandemic in 1918, through the H1N1 influenza virus. And it killed 17 to 100 million people. That was one of the great modern plagues. But again it returned in 2009, with Covid-19 being a virus with the same symptoms.
We read that the first bowl was linked to disease. And nothing is clearer than this disease that has been going on since 1918. In fact, looking at this disease is clearly a plague of global strength, and if something should be defined as a cup of wrath, it would be this virus. Then we would have the plagues happening. And this plague has been occurring since 1918.
So we must keep in mind, that the coming of Christ can occur at any time, when the world is becoming evil. And this is what we are seeing.


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