The third cup and the plague of the Apocalypse and today

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When we read in Revelation 16: 4, we see that rivers and fountains become blood. And how does it happen? In the second bowl, the production of nitrates and phosphates, generated the red tide, already in the rivers the industrial chemicals, generated toxins, and the rivers of the world became polluted, and so the rivers changed their color and also several rivers became red, and drinking water supplies have declined.
We currently drink water with various chemicals. For example, several medicines are dissolved in water, including contraceptive products. So man drinks water that is no longer pure, like the waters of the fountains. Several mechanisms for filtering regions, do not completely filter products such as contraceptives. And many people who live in places that have no water treatment end up drinking polluted water.
In the period of great demand for gold, until near the end of the 20th century, mercury was used in water to find gold. And this pollution, generated deaths, by contamination by mercury. So the pollution reached the rivers. And in this way the cup spills into the rivers. At the end of all things, it will be shown that the culprit of man's suffering is the man himself. And that those who seek to follow God's true path are opposed to destruction.
The man of God seeks to preserve, care for, and save. But the man who produces the wrath of God in his cup, is the man who seeks destruction, for his selfish pleasures.
And today we have water reduction, because of the third bowl, and each day, more and more drinking water, is becoming scarce, and polluted. And the world observes such things, and some try to change, but the strength of the economic powers linked to devastation, try to keep the devastation going.
And so what we see is the spread of the plague.


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