The fourth cup and the plague of the Apocalypse today

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When we read Revelations 16: 8, we see that the cup is thrown in the sun. Our current mind would imagine the bowl being thrown into space, and on top of the star. But we are talking about a text written about two thousand years ago, and the sun was only involved in the heat on earth.
So when the cup is thrown in the sun, you just want to define that the sun would heat up. But that doesn't mean that the star is heating up, but the effect of heat on the earth. Many people like to imagine biblical texts, as if written for the current mindset. The mentality of men two thousand years ago is different. The view of things was related to the effects, not to what each object was.
For example, a bowl being thrown in the sun? This is merely an analogy of the effect. First of all, it is a human creation, and so the effect of the bowl being thrown in the sun is a parable system so that the individual, when reading, could understand.
If we say, for example, that the greenhouse effect is the effect of this bowl being thrown in the sun. And that the heat that occurs, causes the melting of eternal glaciers. Eternal glaciers is the term for regions of ice that are never reported to have ever been melted, and are now melting. Human pollution has generated several effects that culminated in the warming of the earth. But would the bible write about chlorofluorocarbon? Would you also talk about the effect of rising carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?
Wouldn't it be extremely easy for man to understand a parable-like comparison of a cup being poured into the sun? And so there are several texts in the Bible. When it becomes impossible for man to understand a fact, God uses a parable system to understand the effect. And we are feeling the effect of the fourth cup.
But this cup, was initially marked by a large number of deaths in several countries, and there are scientific data that seventy thousand people died in Europe in 2003, because of the heat. So only in Europe in 2003 did people die from that cup.
Always remember that the cup is a human consequence. Man destroyed nature and therefore received the consequences. Only God observed the future, and defined what would happen. In fact God created the universe, and also the earth, the act of destroying the planet that He created, determines a clear text in the Bible in Revelations of Revelation 11:18 in which it defines that God will destroy those who destroy the earth.
Many people think that God does not care that people destroy the earth, but the verse is clear, defining that we should not destroy the earth, with the risk of being destroyed by it. Thus, God's wrath on man occurs because man, besides the evil he does, still destroys the earth.
Several reports determine that the heat is increasing, and that the effect is becoming more and more catastrophic. If we read in Revelations 16: 9 we see that men were burned by the heat, which is in line with the deaths that occurred because of the heat, with the number of 70 thousand people in Europe in 2003. And yet the man still thinks that the land is his property, and the destruction of the planet continues. Without noting that God will destroy those who destroy the earth.
We can see that the bowls are being added one by one over the earth. And it clearly demonstrates what we are going through today. With great destruction, heat, and pests. But the verse says that man does not turn to God to do good. And so he will proceed to receive the next cups.


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