The fifth cup and the plague of the Apocalypse today

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When we read Revelation 16:10, we see that the bowl thrown causes the kingdom to turn into darkness, and that darkness represents factors of bad things.
How can this plague be seen? With the effect of the previous plagues, the world economic system starts to collapse, and hunger, falling companies, lack of public budget, and social uncontrollability, generate darkness in the kingdom. If we read the text it says "that men remediate the language". Which represents that the despair was so great that it was not known what to do. Governments lose organized means to govern.
But in Revelations 16:11, it talks about the ulcers, and the anguish they were suffering. Note that the plague of existing diseases in the first bowl is affecting the fifth bowl stage. What determines that the bowls are added together.
What we have in this plague is that it is starting. Governments are in despair, as there are deaths, and budget cuts. With the fall in trade, and the economic downturn, governments are increasingly beginning to enter the dark phase. All of these things are in line with Daniel's prophecy regarding the statue.
The kingdoms are increasingly arriving at the base of the feet, when the system starts to become unbearable. Both in the economic concept and in the concept of environmental difficulty. Whether with the heating of the sun, or the greenhouse effect, or like plagues, like diseases, like the red tide, and the pollution of rivers.
But even though they felt the serious catastrophes, the men did not regret their actions. We are now in prophecy in an effect of social uncontrollability, due to the lack of government control. So in the fifth plague, there is a system of chaos formation in the world government systems.


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