The sixth cup and the plague of the Apocalypse today

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Reading Revelation 16:12, we have the cup of the sixth angel to dry the Euphrates River. But what would be the act of drying up the Euphrates River? If we read Revelation 9:14 we see that the angels were with the Euphrates. If we try to find out what the term Euphrates means, it comes from a Hebrew word, which defines "running water". Every time water is analyzed, it is linked to food. So without water, there is also the factor of not having food.
So when Revelation 16:12 says that the Euphrates River has dried up, it means that the running water has dried up. The logic is that at that moment hunger, due to the destruction of nature, and political and economic errors. Added the previous pests. During this period, life becomes extremely difficult.
If we still read Revelations 16:13 and 14, we see that in this difficult stage of life, unclean spirits appear, from the mouth of the beast. That would be lies that would be told by the governments of the world and that would be accepted by the world population. And these lies begin to gather the world together. What we have is that these lies are pleasant to the population, but they are not really the solution to the problems. These lies must be directly contrary to the will of God. And the acceptance of these lies begins to generate the people to unite, and to grow in their mistakes.
Reading Revelation 16:15 we now have a reference to Christ's return, in which Jesus Christ himself said. We see this in Luke 12:40 defining that Jesus would come on time when people would not wait. So by the effect of the sixth cup, what we have is that after the population accepts what the unclean spirits say, then the population forgets that God is at the door, and strengthens their sins, and their joy, even in a world of extreme calamity . For in the hope of something better, they get drunk in the lack of reality.
And at that moment it is Jesus' return. And all the factors connected with removing those who were not contaminated with the Beast, and their lies. In this dark phase, which we can call the midnight of the world, Christ comes to seek his chosen ones.


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