The seventh cup and the plague of the Apocalypse today

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When we read Revelation 16:17, we see the last cup being thrown, and great destruction occurs. There is a great catastrophe, and it generates great destruction. Here we are then seeing the end of the prophecy of the statue of Daniel, and the statue is being destroyed. And the kingdom now belongs to Jesus Christ.
If we look at the things that are happening, and define that God does not exist, then the world is doomed to destroy itself. But the very act of existing biblical writing, which demonstrates the right path, even though men do not wish to follow, determines that there is a being who knows the right and has left it written. The big question is whether or not to accept the path described in the Bible, as the best path.
This path is not what men imagine and create about the scriptures, but the real path that the scripture says. Doing good, and loving your neighbor, following the rules of the universe, and not of human ideologies, this is the correct way. If eating fruits and vegetables is the best in physical laws, then this is the best. For saying what is best by social imaginations, that is the messages of the unclean spirit.
The correct thing is to be happy with what the laws of the universe define as good. And do not go against the laws of the universe, because of the ideologies of men. Saving using what is necessary for health is right, waste and waste is wrong. What is necessary is right, luxury is wrong.
But looking at the bowls, we can understand that even if we save, even if we don't use luxury, the end will be the same. The world is on a direct path to the destruction of its reserves, with diseases, and lack of food. He who does the right thing determines only the right way to act, but the world, through the action of bad men, will always go from bad to worse.
Secondly, Timothy 3:12 and 13 says that those who live godly in Jesus will suffer persecution, and that the wicked will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. So we must try to run away from bad men, and be sober to know how to differentiate the truth from the lie.


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