Should we work on biblical novels?

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A very important foundation to analyze correctly is the verse contained in second Corinthians 6:14, which says not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. And an unbeliever is anyone who does not believe the truth.
I'll give you an example. Two people believe in Jesus, one believes that Jesus came in the flesh, the other does not believe that he came in the flesh. Second John 1:7 says that the antichrist does not confess that Jesus came in the flesh.
See that just saying that Jesus did not come in the flesh made the individual as antichrist. So can we say that the Antichrist is an unbeliever? Logically yes, because he does not believe that Jesus came in the flesh. So it doesn't matter to believe in Jesus, it matters to believe correctly in Jesus.
An individual works on television carrying cables, can he work with unbelievers? Yes he can, as long as he doesn't say the unbelievers are preaching the truth.
All Christian men normally work for others who do not believe in their faith. The point is that the Christian does not have his name linked to the error of the unbeliever.
So the Christian does not support the error of the unbeliever, nor does he praise the production of his error.
We saw, for example, that just a change of term makes the individual the antichrist. So a change in the scriptures can make the difference between saving or losing an individual.
So a Christian can work, but never support an action that may confuse the scriptures, leading to more unbelievers.
All actions can generate Christians, even illnesses, we can read in John 11:3 and 4, that Lazarus fell ill, and that later Lazarus would die, but Jesus said, that illness was for the glory of God.
This will never define that man should support illnesses. But bad things can turn out to be good. In Romans 5:20 we have that where he was filled with sin, he ended up filling and pouring out grace. This is not to say that sin should be supported.
That way we cannot support error, especially when it involves altering the scriptures. Remember a term, makes a person become antichrist.
In Proverbs 14:12 it says that a way for man that seems right, but his end is way of death. So preaching about Jesus is right, but if we say that Jesus did not come in the flesh, this change alone totally changes the way.
For depending on how a biblical story is told it can lead to salvation, or deceive to perdition.# *


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So one who knows the truth cannot support anything that can deceive to perdition