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When we read the verse of revelation 18: 4, we see that the text says that God speaks to the people who belong to him, to leave somewhere, not to participate in sins so as not to receive the plagues. But this text is used a lot by different churches to condemn other churches. But was that true? To understand this we must read in revelations of Revelation 18: 2 that says a cry with a loud voice that defines that Babylon has fallen, and become the home of demons, and of all bad things. So the central point of the text is to describe who, or what is Babylon.
Babylon comes from an old term, which in the foundation of the Hebrew word, defines as confusion. So the foundation of the word is confusion. So confusion is the beginning of Babylon.
For example, nowadays information is no longer reliable, because there is much more false information than there is true information. This makes it extremely difficult to know what is true and what is a lie.
We can read this in the verse of John 8:44, in which it says that the devil speaks lies, and this is natural to him, in fact that the text says that the devil is the father of lies. So today we live in the period when more lies are spread. So we have an environment of Babylon, that is, of confusion. And this confusion full of lies, generates all sorts of mistakes, because if nothing can be trusted, then everyone does what they want.
And so is Babylon. All confusion full of lies is Babylon. It could be a church, it could be groups, it could be the world itself. So, when you say my people get out of it, you say to get out of the confusion full of false information. Today we have churches, with all kinds of actions and messages, the vast majority, irrational, and almost always outside the Bible. In this case, this is Babylon, but not only that.
If in society you can no longer know what is true and what is false, then you must leave that society, for it has become Babylon. So when the lie grows a lot, then the devil who is the father of the lie, dominates that place.
In fact, because of a lie, Eve ate the fruit, and then Adam, how much more harm, is there in lies all the time and everywhere?
But Babylon, is a term that has existed for a long time in the Bible, and we can see that Babylon was a city, the city in which Nebuchadnezzar was King. In short, Babylon is the whole statue, from Nebuchadnezzar's vision. So if we read in Revelations 18:21, in which the angel lifts a large stone and throws it into the sea, and defines that it had happened in the same way with Babylon, and will not be found.
See how interesting if we read in Daniel 2:35, it says that the statue will be destroyed by a stone, and nothing else was found of it. Note that Babylon is the entire statue, starting with Nebuchadnezzar's Babylon.
We are at the feet of the statue, at any moment it will be destroyed, that is, Babylon will be destroyed, and whoever is part of it. Thus the custom of the errors, and the lies of Babylon, makes the individual part of the statue. In this way the people of God represent those who are different from the custom of the world, but follow the right, and love the truth. The stronger the human being distances himself from the customs of the statue, and the more he seeks to be like Jesus, the more he will be part of God's people.


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