Love getting cold

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We can read in Matthew 24:12 that by multiplying iniquity, the love of almost everyone would grow cold. We live in a world in which there are no limits, and where each one has learned to look at themselves, and sustain their wishes, on the wishes of others.
A society in which people validate their opinions, without analyzing the position of the other. People who think they know, without wanting to seek knowledge to know, if what they think is really true. People who care more about pleasures than knowledge. The world population is being formed as first cited in Timothy 3: 4, which says that in the last days men would be more friends of pleasures than friends of God.
And people are becoming less and less human, and more closed in on their own ideas. We can see in the world that people are against things that they do themselves, without taking into account that they are wrong. This can be seen at first in Timothy 3: 5, in which people have the appearance of godliness, but in their actions they deny its effectiveness. So people who seem to defend good, but when someone is against their positions, they want and act violently with each other. See what the text sets out to escape from such people.
We have a world in turmoil, more and more lost in the analysis of its future. The world economies are destroying themselves, as the gears of trade and economic turnover are being altered. The work system is being changed, and the economy does not know which direction to go, to preserve the leaders of power.
People do not have a correct view of what the future would be, of course the Bible says in second Timothy 3:13, that the wicked and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. Nowadays most people do not look for the truth, they look for what suits their own wishes.
In second Timothy 4: 3 we have that people will no longer endure the truth and, thus, seek teachers according to their own will, and will not hear positions against theirs. Today people hear only what they want to hear. They only watch what they want to watch, consider their lusts, and their pleasures, as what should be done, regardless of what the truth is, because for such, the truth is themselves.
And in this way the evil is multiplying. For people who validate their wills above anything, have no love for others, because they consider themselves gods of truth, the truth being what they want in their pleasures.


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