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Many people think that in the last few days, there will be a group that will control the planet, and make people follow their orders. Was that true?
There is a major problem for the formation of a global control group. That problem is money. Great world control, requires great army power, and people who are paid.
Money in a capitalist system, involves companies, and these have to sell to customers, and these customers are also producers, who sell to these companies, and who also end up buying the same product produced by themselves, but sold by these companies, only industrially modified. Thus, these producers continue their work cycle to keep working capital. And this is how the capitalist machine has its basic functioning.
Now, we have: ecological chaos, reduction of water reserves, increase in the temperature of the planet, diseases, struggles between countries, ignorant presidents, reduction of productive sources, divisions between groups, and much more.
These factors severely hamper the organization of a world system, as countries are seeking to isolate themselves from other countries. Thus, countries begin to run out of money to manage society, and thus violence begins to increase, as the public system is unable to organize society.
And this type of event favors the appearance of violence, either by the public or by the social side. And such things are already happening, and generating more and you are going to violence.
Great pacifists are no longer studied, and thus the creation of false knowledge, and false facts, begins to spread. And favored by the wrath of society, social tragedies end up increasing.
Powered by natural tragedies, devastation. And the reduction of raw materials, due to the reduction of water, and atmospheric effects that destroy plantations.
This generates an endless spiral, forming the worst in human beings. And it is at this level that the last days occur.
So the correct thing is to follow the path of preserving life, following the physical laws. In this way, those who do not seek to follow the laws, are demonstrating the path they must follow. Life is organized in a scientific and intelligent way, and laws are formed in very tight ways.
What determines that the creator is an extremely intelligent entity, to produce mechanisms for the life we ​​know. So when the last days are approaching, this entity will have to save men who do not want destruction, and seek to help others. Thus, this intelligent entity seeks beings that will not seek to return to destruction. If there are men who seek to preserve, love, and seek the best of people, in groups that are the opposite. So it is a sign, that the intelligent entity will remove those who seek the path of evolution, through obedience to universal laws.
And in the time decided by that intelligence, in the moment of least love, it will be the moment of the last days.


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